County Fair

Al is stuck in the poultry barn as he promotes Help Alert, while Felicia frantically tries to get a ribbon to show off to Frankie's relatives but ends up poisoning the pie judge.

The hospital thinks Al should promote his Help Alert at a vendor table at the country fair. Felicia forgets to register Al, so he ends up in the poultry barn. Felicia is desperate to get a ribbon so she can show off to Frankie's relatives at an upcoming family reunion. She enters a pie which should have been thrown out. When the judge samples it, she is taken to the hospital to have her stomach pumped out. Brent wins a ribbon, Art and Olaf win ribbons, Al even wins a ribbon for best vendor booth. When Felicia returns to the hospital, the pie judge visit Felicia to thank her. Because she had her stomach pumped out they found her wedding ring. She gives Felicia a ribbon for helping people to barf.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Episode
Starring Roles For:
John Ratzenberger
Catherine Hicks
Leigh-Allyn Baker
In the Vein Of:
The Middle

Author Bio:
Masters in Communication, BS in Psychology. Associate producer of the movie Turnover. Author of middle grade book - Isasnora Snores. Journalist and playwright. Also did stand-up comedy - a very short stint in stand-up! Graduate of ScreenwritingU - ProSeries class. Web site: