Callie: Mob Darling

Amid a surprise divorce, a meek early 40s homemaker becomes a housekeeper to a mob family and starts emulating them to deal with her problems.

I’ve written a pilot and a show bible for a thirty-minute TV series titled “Callie” that I’d like to send your way. The pilot and the show bible received a recommend from Jacob N. Stuart of “Screenwriting Staffing” and an analyst from “Screenplay Readers.” It is like a blend of the sitcom “Who’s the Boss” and the movie “Analyze This.”

The series is about an early 40s homemaker with no formal education or job skills who yearns for love and security due to a difficult childhood. With no family alive, Callie dotes on Kevin Newton, her husband of twenty years.

When Kevin leaves her, Callie seeks employment. After accepting a job as a housekeeper to a mob family, Callie begins to change. After bonding with her employers, Callie becomes a more confident woman due to the nurturing support she receives from them. However, her learned confidence soon has her emulating some of the Bianchi’s mob-like behavior. At first, Shanice, Callie’s best friend, is thankful for Callie’s employment as well as her new-found confidence. But when Callie gets more deeply involved in the Bianchi's world, Shanice becomes concerned. To celebrate Callie’s divorce, Rosa throws a party for Callie and invites Nico for her to meet. Just as their romance blossoms, a mob war erupts between Marco and his archrival. Callie becomes a pawn in the battle when she takes on the role of sitting with Paul Romano, an ex-mob member, whom she believes to have Alzheimer’s. When one of Gambini’s thugs kidnaps Callie, Marco spares nothing to assure her safe return.

TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Rachel Weisz
a young Shirley Maclaine
Renee Zellweger
In the Vein Of:
The Sopranos - TV Drama
Analyze This
Who's the Boss - TV Sitcom
Author Bio:
I have six feature scripts, a short, and a TV pilot script with a show bible that have professional recommends from Dave Trottier, Author of "The Screenwriter's Bible," Jacob N. Stuart of "Screenwriting Staffing" and/or "Screenplay Readers." They are all production ready.

My screenplay EVOLVEMENT was chosen for the 2019 online publication "The Budget List." You can view that posting at this address:[

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