Father Steve tells Al and his co-workers that no one goes to confession, so they decide to go, only to fight for their space in line.

Father Steve is frustrated no one goes to Confession any longer, so offers a prize drawing for those who go to one Saturday. Al refuses to go, until his wife, Sandy, catches him leering at an actress when they're out for the evening. In the church, Felicia, Elmer Tiger, and an Elvis impersonator fight to be first in the line of confessors. Father sends them to the back of the line. Al lies in the confessional, and when he tells Sandy, she rushes him right back to get it right. He does, and Father Steve tells him Confession is not about punishment, but about making things right. The Elvis impersonator won the pizza give-away, and the Al Calender crew see him one night performing. He tells them confession has been great for his life - he ended up with two jobs and the love of his life - the same woman Al had been leering at. The final scene is Father installing a "Pick a Number" dispenser in front of the Confessional.

Script Excerpt
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TV Episode
Starring Roles For:
John Ratzenberger
Catherine Hicks
Leigh-Allyn Baker
In the Vein Of:
The Middle

Author Bio:
Masters in Communication, BS in Psychology. Associate producer of the movie Turnover. Author of middle grade book - Isasnora Snores. Journalist and playwright. Also did stand-up comedy - a very short stint in stand-up! Graduate of ScreenwritingU - ProSeries class. Web site: