A young nurse and her fellow Florida refugees attempt a daring escape from an environmental disaster brought on by greed and political corruption.

Jillian Riley is a young nurse struggling to support herself and her incapacitated mother by working private duty for a rich, elderly hotel owner, Mrs. Price. Jillian has an affair with Aldrich, her boss’s grandson. Aldrich injures his arm but neglects it when he goes to Tallahassee to influence the corrupt Governor to deny the toxic changes in the local waters. Jillian is forced to take charge when Mrs. Price becomes sick. Jillian and Rios, the landscaper, bring Mrs. Price to the local hospital for medical care through the civil unrest and looting that has befallen their community. The hospital is evacuating and they are forced to flee to Rios organic farm where Mrs. Price dies. Rios places her body in the meat freezer as a make shift morgue. Rios and Jillian stay at the farm when martial law forces all Floridian's shelter in place. Jillian discovers she is pregnant with Aldrich’s baby. She becomes depressed because she cannot reach Aldrich or her mother by phone. Jillian pleads with Rios to allow her to take a horse to go to her mother who is in a nursing home in Orlando. Rios refuses, it is not safe to travel. They finally are forced to leave when the water at the farm becomes contaminated by the toxic tide. Rios and Jillian travel by horseback to a Seminole Indian Reservation. Rios’ friends on the reservation give them local herbs that work against the toxic tide’s deadly effects. Jillian is advised them to flee to Gaia, a commune in North Carolina, to prevent her from losing her baby because the toxic tide is known to cause spontaneous miscarriages. In Orlando, Disney World is burning. Jillian's loses hope when she finds her mother is dead in the deserted nursing home. Rios and Jillian befriend two sick children Danny and Lisa and take them north where they discover Silver Springs, an oasis from the environmental disaster. They form a new family and a bond that turns slowly into love as they make a daring escape to Gaia. They are caught at the Florida border and brought to a detention camp where they are held in guarded cells. Dr. Henry Reed, head of the camp, is interested in Jillian because she has not miscarried after exposure to the toxic tide. Dr. Reed wants the formula that Rios and Jillian have been using to maintain their health. Rumor has it that Dr. Reed has been conducting horrible experiments on pregnant women. Aldrich suddenly appears at Jillian’s cell minus his arm lost to the toxic tide infection. He is surprised by Jillian’s pregnancy and the death of his grandmother. He is desperate to get money to pay off government officials and promises the elated Jillian that he will take care of her and their baby. Jillian tells Aldrich that Rios has the toxic tide recipe. Aldrich uses this information to get the herbs so he can travel to Immokalee to get the keys to his grandmothers safe. Aldrich lies to everyone, tries to kill Rios, takes the herbs and kidnaps Sergeant Morales forcing him to drive back to Immokalee (into the toxic zone.) Aldrich kills the Sergeant and finds the meat freezer holding his dead grandmother and her keys. He opens the defunct meat freezer and is covered with a blossom of green spores of toxic tide and dies like the Green Man his grandmother was obsessed with. Dr. Reed becomes aware of Aldrich’s evil deeds and offers to take Jillian, Rios, Danny and Lisa to Gaia if they will reveal the process that activates the anti-toxic tide herbs. Standing Tree agrees to share the Seminole secret on how to process the herbs in order eradicate toxic tide if the government gives the Seminoles back all of the Everglades. Flash forward... Jillian and Rios live as a loving family with Danny and Lisa on a beautiful herbal farm in Gaia. It is a heavenly setting. Mother Gaia visits the farm. Jillian's baby cry’s, she is a beautiful baby girl. Rios picks her up from the crib we see that the beautiful baby has been genetically altered from her exposure to the toxic tide. The baby has an embryonic fish tail. The baby flaps her tail happily!

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
a young Kate Winslett
Young Antonio Banderas type
Clive Owen
In the Vein Of:
Children of Men
Erin Brockovich
Andromeda Strain
Author Bio:
Kathleen Werner is a Nurse Practitioner living in Naples, Florida. She has been published in medical journals and has won several local and business writing competitions. Toxic Tide won quarter finalist in Story Pros 2020 screenwriters competition.

Contest Results:
StoryPros Awards (Quarterfinalist) [2019]
StoryPros Awards (Quarterfinalist) [2020]