Incidental Music

At a party, a famous director is the only one that hears a variety of film scores that goes with his actions.

What if life had background music? Famous director, DANIEL HUBRIS, hears this idea from a fan at a large Beverly Hills party. He laughs it off until it actually starts happening. He is the only one that hears the variety of film scores as the party continues.

An action soundtrack plays as he weaves through a crowd to get to the bar. A clueless wanna-be actor talks to him as a comedy score plays. He hears romantic film music as he talks with an attractive woman. But horror music warns him when her professional football player husband shows up. They face off to a western score. Daniel avoids a fight by running away. He smashes into two other guests. Crime/thriller music strikes up as they all try to figure out what happened. The football player returns to a fighting/sports soundtrack. Liking his face parts where they are, Daniel quickly leaves the party as a cartoon score plays.

What if life had background music? Daniel would tell you it is hell.

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