The Last Guard

Detective Alvarez is trapped in an abandoned silo on a remote island, with a hostage and a bag of loot - surrounded by a squad of rogue soldiers and an ancient curse, her corruption and lies brutally unravel, as the shadows crawl and darkness descends...

The large military helicopter carries seven American penal soldiers on their return from exercise over the islands and seas of the Caribbean. Their cargo - two DEA Agents and a prisoner. But the storm's brewing and bringing down everything in its path. They have to detour and are redirected to a Lighthouse rock and abandoned missile silo, named 'The Church'. This barren, isolated isle in the sea, has a history and haunting legacy of torture, betrayal and murder. The remote military installation is barely functional, the generator failing and the storm raging... As darkness descends Special Agent Alvarez's problems mount; Her hostage has escaped taking the cash and drugs with him, her partner has been murdered, the soldiers have gone rogue and there's no way off the island. All of which however, pales to what the night brings as something else lurks in the shadows which creep with the flicker of fading torch light and a burning hatred of revenge. For a curse from a long, forgotten slave ship, seeps through the edifice and has awakened the undead horrors of the night who stalk the dripping stairwells and dank corridors. Trapped - among the crawling shadows where silent eyes watch and wait and every turn leads away from the light into darkness... Locked - behind one mega-ton steel doors and sealed within three feet thick walls, can Alvarez and this ragtag band of AWOL soldiers survive the night? And is the price of survival worth their very soul..?

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Selena Gomez
20s Latino male
Ron Perlman
In the Vein Of:
World War Z
Jacob's Ladder
No Way Out
Author Bio:
I am a writer/actor and have worked on stage in the U.K's Royal National Theatre alongside Sir Ian McKellen. This was a Trevor Nunn production of Ibsen's 'An enemy of the People' and is proving invaluable to the pursuit of my writing career. I am also an avid reader of novels and non-fiction historical books. The first screenplay I wrote was entitled: 'In the company of heroes' based on my Great Uncle Private James Stokes V.C. who won the Victoria Cross in the second world war.

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Contest Results:
Filmmatic Horror (Finalist) [2020]
Table Read (Semifinalist) [2019] (Finalist) [2019]
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