Forbidden Sea

Two families try to survive a hellish yachting weekend when they become the prey of a huge, mysterious creature which seems to be part of the sea itself.

Somewhere on the East coast. KELVIN, 50, CAROL, 45, and their adopted Chinese daughter, SHUI, 8, prepare their yacht for a long weekend getaway. They've invited Kelvin's old Army buddy ANDREW, 60, and his wife PAM, 45. It's been a while since they have connected, but Kelvin remembers him being a funny guy.

At the beginning of their journey, Shui finds a seashell with a marking of a dragon on it, and she says the dragon is angry, very angry. The first evening, something bumps the boat violently, but they assume it was just a migrating whale.

Next morning, Carol finds Shui looking overboard; something’s in the water, she says. Just as Kelvin and Andrew return from scuba diving, the unseen creature rams the yacht again. Andrew accidentally pulls the trigger on his spear gun and nearly takes Carol's head off. Kelvin lashes out at him.

Tensions rise between the two families. Andrew, who feels humiliated, takes it out on Shui, making racist comments. Kelvin and Andrew get into it, and Andrew punches Kelvin, who forces his hosts to pack up, sending them back to shore on a Zodiac boat. Just after they depart, the sea creature attacks them. Pam makes it back on board, but Andrew is pulled under and killed by the creature. All night, it continues to jar the boat, finally throwing Andrew's body back on deck. Pam starts to lose touch with reality, convinced Andrew will bring back to life.

Stranded in the middle of the ocean, with the boat’s engine stalling and all communications broken down, the group will fight for survival while facing something more dangerous and deadly than any known species.

Pitch: "Forbidden Sea" is a horror/survival/creature script –like a blend of "Creepshow 2's The Raft" and "The Mist"- wherein a family unit must survive a terrifying creature, a sinking ship, a woman who has lost touch with reality, and each other. It offers action-packed, suspenseful moments, and drama between the characters that makes the story work. A low-budget, marketable thriller whose monster reaches an optimum level of horror.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
40s age woman
40-Year Old Man
8 year old girl
In the Vein Of:
The Mist
The Abyss
Author Bio:
Carlos Burgaleta is an award winning Spanish screenwriter specialized in horror genre. He has written about ten horror screenplays, several of them awarded and finalist from prestigious screenwriting contests. He has had scripts read by some important production companies and his work has been optioned several times.

In addition to his screenwriter career, Carlos Burgaleta is the author of "Terror bajo las aguas", a published book about sea monsters movies, and several of his fantasy/horror short stories like "Prefacio a Poses" and "La historia de Fritz Maier" has been awarded and published too.

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