The college admissions scandal results in mass firings at an Ivy so its president hires the first Asian-American female athletic director to make long overdue institutional changes through sports or both will be fired! Selling FROM THE FRONT PORCH: Kim's World meets The Skulls meets Student Athlete

University of Maryland President Dr Wallace Loh stated that the athletic department is so important to the image of a college that it is "The Front Porch" of the institution. FROM THE FRONT PORCH will follow how Connie Woo is hired and takes control of the athletic department at her Ivy League alma mater as the college admissions scandal results in many being canned. The first in her family to go to college thanks to her immigrant parents working tirelessly at their convenience store to send their children to the best schools, she must deal with sexism, ageism, opiod addiction, racism, TItle IX, doctor molesting athletes, coach have sex with player, date rape, suicide, mental health and depression, among other issues on campus and in the sports departments for the student-athletes. Oh, and she must also make the school a sports powerhouse while maintaining its Ivy standing in academics. Inspired by the 2018 hiring of Vicky Chun as the first female Asian American athletic director at Yale and Operation Varsity Blues, the FBI investigation into corrupt university admissions. Selling FROM THE FRONT PORCH: Kim's World meets The Skulls meets Student Athlete

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TV Pilot
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Quarter-Finalist in The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Holiday Contest (first time I ever entered a contest with first script I ever wrote). Made THE RED LIST with another, too. Thousands of articles published under my byline in Newsweek, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, among other venues. Host of several shows. Degrees from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University Law Center. Much of my career was spent on Capitol Hill, where I had Top Secret Clearance twice.

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