Beautiful Indian-American MIT astro-physicist number cruncher extraordinaire passionate about gambling, fashion and reality television creates an assassinations eSports game that allows for time travel to the murders, leading to conflicts with clients about her work, both for killings in the past and those to be terminated in the future. Sell THE CRUNCH as "Assassins Creed" executed with "Star Wars" and "Stranger Things."

Dr. Pinky "THE CRUNCH" Gupta is the ultimate MIT astro physicist number cruncher with passions for gambling, reality television, designer everything (matching outfits with her Chihauhaus that are named after premier mathematicians and reality television stars). She is up for anything having to do with math, particularly quantifying assassinations throughout the ages as it allows her to finally deploy her studies in astro physics into something that brings in funding other than from a government grant. Working with her video gamer champion brother, PANDIT GUPTA, who is high functioning on The Autism Spectrum and lives with her in a luxury Gold Coast penthouse condo in Chicago, their eSports franchise, Assassins Unlimited, has become wildly successful. The new edition of Assassins Unlimited contoured for speed running is coming out soon and will even have its own digital currency, The Death Chip. Like her great beauty, the work of THE CRUNCH has attracted the attentions of many as it allows for time travel. A venture capitalist backing her is now working with an investment banker to take her eSports operations public. A colleague from MIT and former gambling partner-in- crime, DUKE LEE, has his hedge fund from Singapore bankroll her ever-evolving gambling activities, both legal and illegal. He is very bullish on The Death Chip and wants to see the digital currency hit the market and take on bitcoin. Not caring as much about profit margins are the REIGN MEN, foot soldiers from the masters of the future, MERE ANARCHY REIGNS, who pay THE CRUNCH to allow them to alter what lies ahead and destroy their opposition with no respect for the greater powers of destiny. There is another formidable threat in its on right to the work of THE CRUNCH as family is involved. HANNA KIM, whose Korean immigrant parents own a low end casino recently plundered by THE CRUNCH, is now after her and DUKE LEE. This is not a one woman vigilante operation as HANNA KIM has significant backing from powerful financial interests who have also been burned by THE CRUNCH and DUKE LEE. The FBI and CIA also follow THE CRUNCH as they suspect she has terrorist groups and foreign intelligence agencies as clients, whether she realizes it or not.

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TV Pilot
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Quarter-Finalist in The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Holiday Contest (first time I ever entered a contest with first script I ever wrote). Made THE RED LIST with another, too. Thousands of articles published under my byline in Newsweek, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, among other venues. Host of several shows. Degrees from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University Law Center. Much of my career was spent on Capitol Hill, where I had Top Secret Clearance twice.

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