NBA player retires to work for shoe company expecting to rep his own line of sports gear like LeBron, only to get the eSports account forcing him to embrace diversity with a long-time female rival as his boss.

Hustle, hard work and hitting the boards resulted in a two-decade NBA career for Tim Brown, who was solid but not a star. He went to work for the shoe company started by his team’s owner, expecting to rep his own line of sports apparel, like LeBron or Michael. Instead he was put in charge of the account for eSports, which he did not even know existed. His post-NBA existence now means embracing diversity and working with a long-time female rival as his new boss as his recent friend from eSports' Korean grandmother tries to marry him off !

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TV Pilot
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Quarter-Finalist in The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Holiday Contest (first time I ever entered a contest with first script I ever wrote). Made THE RED LIST with another, too. Thousands of articles published under my byline in Newsweek, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, among other venues. Host of several shows. Degrees from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University Law Center. Much of my career was spent on Capitol Hill, where I had Top Secret Clearance twice.

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