Edna May

Edna May is the retelling of the classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Only this time is about the richest woman in Manhattan, Edna May Scrooge. This tale of the Christmas Ghosts that visit Scrooge on Christmas Eve has a twist, a contemporary story with a female Scrooge. She holds true to the character of Scrooge but it is the modern twist that gives the story a new flavor to the classic story.

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I am a film maker, writer, and published author. I am a creative and imaginative storyteller.

I have several published books, first of which is MINUTE MOVIES, a compilation of 7 short screenplays, 5 of which I wrote. The second is THE DEVIL WITCH, first in a series of fantasies about The Kingdom of Imm. THE PRINCESS AND THE TROLL is the third and second in the Imm series. My fourth is a cookbook entitled, COOKIN’S NO JOKE!, which is I call. the Funniest Cookbook in the World.

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