Edna May

Edna May is the retelling of the classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Only this time is about the richest woman in Manhattan, Edna May Scrooge. This tale of the Christmas Ghosts that visit Scrooge on Christmas Eve has a twist, a contemporary story with a female Scrooge. She holds true to the character of Scrooge but it is the modern twist that gives the story a new flavor to the classic story.

An older limousine travels through Manhattan and arrives at a homeless shelter in the older part of the city. The chauffeur, Jacob, opens the back door and an older woman steps out of the car. The woman, Edna May Scrooge then enters the shelter with Jacob following behind. Inside she informs the priest that runs the shelter, Father O’Brien, that if rent on the building is not paid within 10 days, she will shut the shelter down. Father O’Brien pleads his case about how bad the economy is and tries to appeal to her sensitive side with, “…since it is Christmas Eve.” Yet she does not waver from her purpose by saying, “Christmas, Poppycock”. Edna May then arrives at Scrooge Towers where she has her office. The Scrooge Tower is one of the last remaining older buildings in the city. It is a very dilapidated building in need of much repair. The office is dark, dreary and is furnished with outdated office furnishings. When she arrives in her office she notices the newspaper headlines, "TRAMP BIDS TO TAKE OVER FEMALE MISER'S EMPIRE." Her attorney is her first appointment of the day which she attempts to find out how Daniel Tramp’s attempt to take over her company got by him without him noticing. Next her nephew, Edward arrives to pay back all the money he borrowed from her for Medical School. In her fashion, she tells Edward that she finds it unbelievable. He hands her an envelope with the money and an invitation to a Christmas Party his is throwing at his house. Before he leaves he gives her a gentle kiss and tells her that he appreciates everything she did for him. Next Robert Cratchett, her junior accountant shows up to give her a solution that will prevent the Tramp takeover. Yet she does not think that he is capable of a satisfactory solution and will not even entertain looking at it. He then throws it in her briefcase as he leaves her office. The night turns eerily dark as she arrives at her dark and dreary mansion. She knocks on the door as Janet Marley appear on the door knocker and then disappears. Her butler, Gibson suddenly greets her at the door. There is a humorous banter between the two as Edna May heads up to her bedroom for a good night’s rest. In the bedroom she notices the proposal that Robert Cratchett left for her in her briefcase. Her concentration is cut short by the haunting visit from Janet Marley’s ghost. Marley informs the Edna May that she is here to keep Edna May from a life of misery and will be visited by three ghosts, Christmas Past, Present and Future. Edna May replies with one word, “Poppycock!” At the stroke of midnight, Edna May is waken by the Ghost of Christmas Past. The ghost takes Edna May on a journey to her past. They arrive at the building where above the door now reads, “Foster Manufacturing.” It is where Edna May first worked when she was eighteen. Edna May is shocked to see her two old friends and a much younger looking Edna May. Yet her face lights up when she sees the handsome George Victor. Fear comes back as Edna May relives the owner’s son, Bobby Foster taking sexual advantage of her. Christmas Past tells her that it was not what she remembers that is important; it is what she never knew that is. It is George that is the unsung hero who confronts Bobby Foster about is inappropriate conduct. Striking a blow for Edna May, George is fired and never seen again. Next Christmas Present takes Edna May to her nephew’s party where everyone is celebrating Edward’s new position at the hospital. They then visit the home of Robert Cratchett, where Edna May learns about the Cratchett family, especially Little Timmy who is confined to a wheelchair because of a rare muscular disease. She is then magically transported to the Homeless shelter where she discovers her chauffeur and butler, dressed up as Santa, delivering presents to the homeless people on her dime. Then Christmas Future and Edna May look into the possible future. They first travel to the hospital where Little Timmy is dying with his family around him. After his sad passing they travel to the office of Edna May’s attorney. She finds her butler, chauffeur and Edward there discussing her estate that is in shambles. Next she visits the site of Scrooge Towers marked for demolition and to be replaced by the “Tramp Towers.” Finally they arrive at her resting place, where she desperately asks Christmas Future, “If what is to be can be changed. “ Awaking on Christmas morning, Edna May is filled with a renewed sense of kindness. She quickly rounds up her butler and chauffer to help her spread the Christmas Joy. They then arrive at the Cratchett home to deliver a few gifts, especially a state-of-the-art wheelchair for Little Timmy. She tells Robert that his plan to defuse the takeover is genius and she will make him her new Vice Presdent. She also brings along Edward who tells Little Timmy the he will be his first patient. A knock on the Cratchett door brings Robert Cratchett’s father-in –law, George Victor back into Edna May’s life. Everyone joyfully heads to the homeless shelter for a grand Christmas Dinner and chance for Edna May to turn over the deed of the building to Father O’Brien. There is a happy ending and an unforgettable Christmas for all.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Bette Midler

In the Vein Of:
A Christmas Carol
Author Bio:
I am a film maker, writer, and published author. I am a creative and imaginative storyteller.

I have several published books, first of which is MINUTE MOVIES, a compilation of 7 short screenplays, 5 of which I wrote. The second is THE DEVIL WITCH, first in a series of fantasies about The Kingdom of Imm. THE PRINCESS AND THE TROLL is the third and second in the Imm series. My fourth is a cookbook entitled, COOKIN’S NO JOKE!, which is I call. the Funniest Cookbook in the World.

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