While laying low in a remote cabin, a hardened convict and his unwilling partner must decide what to do when a pair of injured women arrive at the cabin begging for help.

Don, a hardened criminal fresh out of jail, and his more innocent younger brother, Seth, are hiding out in an isolated forest cabin. They are keeping an eye on some mysterious contraband until their notorious crime boss arrives to claim the prize.

Instead two women, Ruth and Lilly, appear at their door claiming to be badly injured and in need of help. Don believes this to be a ruse and instructs Seth not to let the women inside but Seth lets them in anyway.

The women quickly find themselves captives and Ruth vows to escape. Don wants to kill the women before their boss arrives because he does not like loose ends or surprises, and is not known for his forgiveness of screw ups. Seth fights against this hard enough to delay Don.

The women make a failed escape attempt and discover that they are not the only ones being held captive at the cabin. A police officer is also being kept prisoner who manages to use their escape attempt to escape himself.

When Don tries to execute the women for the escape of the police officer, he is instead killed by the officer who returns to save them. With Don out of the picture, Lilly reveals herself to be the crime boss they have been waiting to arrive all along. Ruth is forced to kill her in self-defense.

The cop explains to Ruth that the contraband the men were guarding was a case of blackmail evidence the mob boss was going to use to control people in high places. He makes the information public, finally changing the system for the better.

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My television show, Astro Alyssa, is currently in pre-production and I have written several short films that are currently in production. I have also been a finalist in many reputable writing competitions in various formats including Screencraft, Creative World Awards, Table Read My Screenplay, Fresh Voices, Shore Scripts, Filmmatic, and more.