War Bonds

In the dark, the truth is bright

A blind British army veteran of the recent wars in the Middle East is waiting for his train. Smartly dressed in a regiment blazer and beret he is making his way to the platform waiting room. He walks into some badly positioned luggage trunks. The luggage belongs to a young Arab refugee. The Arab is engaged in conversation by the irate Ex soldier. Through initially prickly exchanges they come to see each others point of view with a grudging respect and acknowledgement after years of conflict in the Middle East. There have only been losers especially on an individual personal level. They are both broken and it is apparent that the refugee is just as damaged as the ex soldier. Even after a detente and exchange of views the ex-soldier is still vexed when a railway porter helps the Arab refugee with his luggage to the train. The ex-soldier cannot see why

Script Excerpt
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Award winning writer/director from North Yorkshire, England.

Contest Results:
Near Nazareth (First Place) [2019]
Just4Shorts (Finalist) [2019]
Top Indie (Finalist) [2019]