Don't forget to be dope

Trying to understand why he’s not further along in his career, the self-described "world’s most okayest dj" recaps his career/life up to this point, and answers every question you did not know you had about djing.

SYNOPSIS: Located at the intersection of finding a job that you enjoy doing and being repeatedly told that you are exceptional at it, our protagonist starts to question all the events that led him up to what he sees as his current problem, being stuck. Feeling like you should be further along in life isn’t unique to any person or profession and trying to keep yourself from comparison hunting is difficult in the age of social media, especially when your job requires it. It’s only when he starts to reflect on his journey that realizes how magical of a ride his life has actually been.

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TV Pilot
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how to make it ina america
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I am an aspiring writer trying to tell poignant stories with humor as my vehicle.