Changed ghost

Changed ghosts The story is about friendship, family and love. Our story starts from here. One day when three brothers were going back to their house robbers stopped them. They were main criminal’s people. Only Jason and his brothers were people who could resist. Robbers were too many that is why brothers ran away. Their family members were people who took benefit from everything. Brothers sold a few things when they were running. After 3 hours they met again. They went home. The home was messed up; most of the things belong to Jason. Jason and Sam had a row because of it. Tom proved that Sam was right but Jason did not want to hear them. They fought Jason came off a loser. He went to his room before he saw light and heart strange voice. That day at the same time Mary was going to the parent’s house. That day was her sister’s birthday. They celebrated it together. Later Mary and Michael quarreled and Mary went out. After an hour she went back to her own home. She thought how she can be close to her family. Before she went to sleep, she saw light and heart strange voice. That was same as Jason. Jason and Mary met while they were dreaming. They told their problems to each other. At the end they pressed the fish. They gave promise that they stay in each other life until they tackle the solution to their problem. Suddenly Mary disappeared because she was waked up by Tom. Tom was splashed a bucket of water. Mary shouted and Tom punished her due to what Jason did yesterday. They went to downstairs in order to have a breakfast. She sat near them and started explain them the situation. Boys laughed. Sam asked from Mary give him sugar. Suddenly boys started bit her. They finally understood that the person who is sitting near to them was not Jason. They knew it from sugar because the real Jason never let to Sam take sugar as much as he wants. Because whenever he eats something sweet, he cannot stop himself. Mary was interrogated by boys. She told her real name to them then Sam searched from the Internet the information about her. He saw Mary’s picture when he was drinking tea with sugar and tea went out from his mouse to Mary. Sam gave the phone to the Tom to show Mary’s picture. Likewise, Tom’s tea went out from his mouse but tea was without sugar. Tom had a job that is why he left Mary to Sam. Jason’s day started after 6 hours later. The girl woke up Jason and she gave Mary’s timetable. He started explain the situation to that girl. Her name is Emily. Jason convinced to Emily. Then Emily started to talk with herself. She made a plane because there was a party at night. Her plan was to save Mary’s career. She started prepare Jason to the party. They went to spa salon. Jason did not like them. He ran away from there when they went inside. Jason quickly got tired because Mary’s body was not strong and fast. That is why spa salon’s employees caught Jason. All employees were bitten by Jason after procedure. Jason did not want to go there but he could not reject Emily’s because of her anger. Then they went to the party. The party was organized in order to give rewards to the actors for their best performance in the year. He was in shock when he saw a lot of famous actors. But Mary’s connection was not so good with them. Mary’s producer came to Emily to greet. Jason did not get sight of him because he was thinking about his favorite actors. Emily smacked Jason. Then that man showed their sit. Emily gave to Jason piece of paper. There was written few words which Mary had to read if she won the prize. Jason wished that Mary’s name would not be get out. Narrator called Jason’s favorite actor when they want to read who won in the Mary’s specialty. Jason changed his desire this time he wanted to be a winner to meet his favorite actor. A person who was holding the envelope lengthened time to make the situation a bit exiting. Jason shouted when he heard Mary’s name and was shied because everyone’s was looking to him. He went to stage to greet that actor. When there was a time to read the words, he could not find them because he dropped it. Then he made a speech to himself. He remembered the word which he heard from Sam. Tears appeared from people’s eyes because of his words. At the end of the party Emily praised Jason. Later Jason met Mary’s boyfriend Henry Scott. He was an imposter. That was a reason why Emily did not like him. A lot of people said that Henry was a footman and he only cringe with Mary to take money. She could not that this was just an illusion. Emily said what she thinks about Henry. That is why Jason’s point about Henry had become worse. Henry asked from Emily to leave them alone. Emily did not protest. Then she went out. Henry started to commend Jason because of his speech. Henry thought he is speaking with Mary. Jason noticed that Henry was lying. He heard all the things which he said. At the end Henry wanted to kiss but Jason pressed his tender dot and then he fell asleep. Jason and Emily went home to find Mary’s location. One day later Tom gave order to Sam to make them aware of all the things which they know. Sam took Mary to the biggest mall in the city. The first thing that they did in the mall was to buy Japan’s sword (Katano) in Sam’s favorite shop. Then they saw a little boy who was selling apples. Sam got an interest to that boy. He asked from boy how much do they cost. The boy replied that he does not know how much they cost. Then they made contract which Sam helps to sell apples instead of them boy will give one kilo of apple. They sold all of them but it was not enough. Then they went the station of the mall and told to the people about the situation and asked help. He said he will wait in the main gate. People were already gathered there when Sam and others came to main gate. After collecting money from people, they went to the pharmacy to take antibiotic to kid’s mother. They had enough money to buy that drug but Sam wanted to keep more money. Sam used one special technique which he regularly uses while he is buying something so nobody could not say no to the price that he offered. After that technique druggist wanted to write resignation letter but he could not hold even pen. Jason, boy and Mary went to Tom’s café. Boy was so happy because no one did not wanted help to him but strange person came and did everything what he can to safe boy and his mother. Robbers stopped them when they were going. They were from Sam’s new school. Sam said to the Mary take the boy and call Tom to here. She left him. She thought that Sam is week while she was running. Sam showed the way to Tom’s café that is why it was not so difficult to find it. She shouted Tom when she entered to the café. She said what happened. Tom took soporific and ran out. He did not want protect Sam. He wanted protect those guys from Sam. They run fast, fast as they can but when they came to that place fighting had been end. All boys were bitten by Sam. Sam was holding sword and tip of a sword was in one boy’s neck. That boy’s life was on the thread because Sam wanted kill that boy. Tom came on the time; he stopped Sam and gave him an injection to set at rest. While they were going to café Tom explained what would happen when he is angry. When Sam woke up, he started it ice. Then they went to see out the kid. Sam gave apple which he kept to the boy. Sam started speak to Mary. His speech was so beautiful and strong. Mary cried inside but she smiled outside. Then they went to home to make an ice-cream competition. The next day Sam and Mary went to dentist to show Mary’s tooth. It caught an illness because of ice-cream competition. They ate two kilo ice-creams. When it was Mary’s turn dentist asked from boys to stay here for thirty minutes. They could not say no. Dentist went out but one old woman came and set. She said take my tooth. Sam again could not say no that is why he tried to take that woman’s tooth but he caught her tang. He did not know about it. After procedure woman could not speak. She went out to call his son in law. That man was strong and he had three strong friends with him. Mary was scared when those guys entered to the room. She was not sure that they will go from there healthy. Man asked from his mother in law to wait outside. Sam had one rule be honest. He said everything what happened. Then man cried and hugged both of guys and gave them one of his cars. He said ‘I could not shout her up for seventeen years. You did it in one second. Thank you, guys, thank you’. They went to Home to show their car. Three days later Jason called to his home. He thought if they will be together it would fix everything. One hour they talked and made plans. Then they came to one decision. Sam and Tom will send Mary to Jason. They sold car to take ticket. Jason and Emily met Mary in the airport. Then they went to fortune-teller. They did not get answers to their question but Emily got the plan to that situation too. It was about teach Jason to be Mary, Mary to be Jason. They trained two months. The result was not bad. Jason invited his brothers to that party because he has not seen them for to month. They came as soon as they can. Mary called Sara to introduce brothers. First of all, they went to restaurant. Sam and Tom were scared because of price. Sam found the way out of this; he offered to make this meeting in their style. Girls were not over against. They went to little café. All of them were happy because it was not boring. Suddenly Sara saw catsup on Sam’s face and wiped it. Tom, Jason and Mary were astonished. They looked strangely to Sam because he has never let to girls wipe his face. That was first time. In the evening Jason and Mary saw light it was same with the light which they saw two months ago. After that day in the morning both of them were in their own body. They were happy. They understood that it is a time to say good bye but girls asked from boys to stay with them to three days. Two days later they organized party. There were a lot of famous people. Sam has not been in this kind of parties that is why it was difficult to him to be formal. He found a place from corner and set. He felt himself uncomfortable but Sara was with him. Jason and Mary were talking with the others. They did not care about Sam, Tom and Sara. Tom was dancing with Emily. Everything was good with him. Sam wanted to go outside but he crashed to the person and spilled his drink to that man’s costume. That person was Henry. Sam apologized but Henry was not a forgivable person. He liked make elephant from flu. Sam endured for every word what Henry said. All of a sudden Henry said did your mother teach you to manners. Again, Sam could not hold his anger. He bit Henry until he went out like a light. This time Tom could not stop him alone Mary and Jason helped him. Mary asked from Sara what happened. She said all things. Then Mary started say bad things about Sam to protect Henry but Jason did not let her to say this kind of bad thing. Most of the people were in Sam’s side even Emily. Mary shouted to all of them and made her relation worse. Then everyone left her. Her sister, boy, friends and at the end Emily all of them saw how she is inside. In the morning she was alone. She went to Henry’s house to know how he is. When she entered to the Henry’s house there were a lot of girls. She was not an only person who was Henry’s favorite girl. Mary slapped his face. She finally understood, it was just an illusion. She lost all things like Sam said. He knew that this day will come that is why he gave an advice to help her. Sam said she needs to watch his favorite cartoon to find answers to her question. She watched that cartoon and understood what she needed to do. The first thing what Mary did was apologized from everyone. Her father saw that his girl had changed. Then Mary went to Emily’s home. She asked help from Emily. Emily was ready to it but with one circs. She said Mary need to give one day off. Sara, Mary and Emily went to boy country. When they came to the boys’ house, house was burned. Mary asked from Jason’s neighbor where the brothers. She said they are in the city hospital. They found city hospital and saw Sam who was sitting with broken hand. Sara stayed with him. Saw showed the location of Jason and Tom. Tom was sitting near Jason. He said that his life on the line. Mary started cry and put her head to Jason. Suddenly she heard how Jason’s hard is beating. Tom laughed because it was a joke. At the end all of them were happy because everyone found what they need. They fill in emptiness in their hard.

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Asrorbek Abdumuxtorov was born in 11.07.2001 in Uzbekistan. His childhood was difficult but he liked it. In 2008 he went to elementary school. There he won a few nominations of school. After graduating the elementary school he went to special school for the kid who have talents. After three years of studying he participated to 'Government Olympic Contest' from science. His direction was Physics. He won the ninth place in village. To the next years he participated from two contest first 'Talented Kids' and 'Government Olympic Contest'.

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