An underachiever, at the end of his rope, learns the secret of traveling into parallel universes and uses it to improve his personal and professional life. Unfortunately, he breaks all the rules and loses his way home; And if he can’t fix it, it may cost him his life.

JOSH TRUEBLOOD, the guy most likely to but didn’t, sits at his weekly watering hole lamenting about his forward-thinking ideas being rejecting again from the interior design department of Subaru when he is approached by a former college classmate DESMOND RUSH. He offers him the opportunity to change his life by attending his “Leap conference” as his guest. Josh really doesn’t want to, but Desmond sweetens the pot by offering him five grand if the technique they are teaching doesn’t work for him. He also makes him promise to suspend all judgment and try the process for 30 days. Josh reluctantly accepts the offer.

Josh is taught the technique of traveling to parallel universes. Although he tries, the technique doesn’t work for him and he leaves frustrated. At work his boss Carl, lets him know he’s next in line for a job he doesn’t want and Josh realizes he has to get out. The company is having a competition for an underling to become a Lead Designer and Josh wants in. As he works on his application he realizes he needs help and decides to try universe hopping again and this time it works. He visits the Josh who is a successful car designer. He gets tips on how to improve his application and uses it to get to the second round of the competition.

Meanwhile, Josh has a crush on Christy the owner of the local coffee shop Grounded. He finds out that in the evening the cafe has live entertainment. She encourages him to come in and play. As a former piano student, Josh decides that he needs to visit the doppelganger that is a successful piano player. He meets Musician Josh and although gifted he lives a problematic self-abusive life. Back In his world, Josh is struggling with round two of the competition, while Carl is pressuring him at work to create a signature accessory. Josh returns to the world of Designer Josh and unintentionally takes the clay car model to help himself, which opens the portals for all the doppelgangers to come through using a special word.

As he plans for a special dinner with Christy, he is visited by Chef Josh who hides out while he is having his dinner with Christy. Josh spots him and manages to get Christy out without her noticing. Chef Josh wants to travel to see Musician Josh’s son and when they do, Josh gets caught up in the Musician’s world of drugs and money and can’t get out until he fixes something in it. Josh now has to fix Musician Josh’s life without getting killed before returning to his world to win the competition and hopefully the heart of Christy.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Mark Whalberg
Jennifer Lawrence
Anna Kendrick
In the Vein Of:
Multiplicity meets The Secret To My Success

Author Bio:
Doreene entered the entertainment industry through the world of comedy. As a New York stand-up and improvisational – sketch performer, Doreene fell in love with creating characters that embraced both her Jamaican roots and New York upbringing. Working in the Off-Broadway scene, someone gave her the bright idea of coming to Hollywood…things are easier there. Well, she’s been there saving face ever since!

Taking a message she once received from her mother, “Learn as much as you can as fast as you can – give as much as you can as fast as you can,” Doreene worked her way through the trenches of the Hollywood system.

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Contest Results:
Austin Fest Film (Quarterfinalist, Second Rounder) [2019]
Diverse Voices (Semifinalist) [2016]