After an earthquake maroons two teenagers on a mystical planet, they must fulfill an ancient prophecy to end the reign of a villainous king and find their way back home to 1999.

Saturnia is fun-filled, PG-13 adventure/comedy with elements of Sci-Fi/Fantasy that would play well with films like the new Jumanji, Valerian, Ready Player One... etc. The protagonist(s) are two 17-year-olds – JADEN, and his girlfriend XAVIERA (pronounced with a Z), who live in Hollywood in the year 1999. Jaden is a creative, computer nerd who hates confrontation and loves rock-n-roll. Xaviera is a cute, street-smart girl, who lives with her grandmother and has a thirst for adventure. After watching a late night showing of “Fight Club,” they end up at Taco Bell where they are harassed by two high school Bullies. A dangerous street race with the Bullies follows and turns deadly when Jaden and Xaviera are sent flying off a cliff on Mulholland Drive in Jaden's Bronco. Luckily, our Heroes are saved by falling into a giant portal that transports them 25 light-years away to Saturnia -- a planet filled with wonder. The people of Saturnia, (Saturnians) use swords instead of guns, ride horses, and are basically stuck in a similar version of Earth's Middle Ages. Jaden and Xaviera meet CASSINI, a human in his 60s, who's been stranded there for 66 years and hasn't aged. He fell into the same portal they did in 1933 and needs their help to recover three magic stones that give creativity and imagination to all Saturnians. The self-proclaimed king, VEGA, also human, stole the stones from the royal palace and rules the planet hoping that the mindless Saturnians will never overthrow him. If our heroes want to return home, they must defeat Vega and his army, and return the stones to the palace to restore balance, creativity and peace to Saturnia.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Ready Player One
Author Bio:
I am an aspiring screenwriter out of Austin, TX. I've always had a passion for films that inspire, entertain and make people laugh. Comedy and Sci-Fi scripts usually interest me the most. Aside from writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing guitar, and recording music.