In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray

Award-winning buddy comedy set in 1943, where 14 year-old Pennsylvanian nerd Judson Conover dreams of sharing adventures with his newfound favorite movie hero, Dublin McGinn. But when he mysteriously switches bodies with McGinn’s comic sidekick, the diminutive English teenage genius Thaddeus Thackeray, Judson realizes that surviving animated serials is MUCH harder than it looks. Meanwhile, Thackeray – lost within an all-too-real world at war – must figure out how to set things right. And the only one who can possibly help him is Judson's best friend, Kenny, who isn't quick to believe Thaddeus' rather fantastical story.

Movies and fiction have provided us with many daring adventurers and soldiers of fortune: Indiana Jones... Allan Quartermain... But to 14-year old Judson Conover, they’re wimps compared to Dublin McGinn -- the roughest, toughest, two-fisted guy ever to grace an animated movie serial.

It's 1943. Grieving the recent loss of his older brother to the war, Judson finds solace within the shadows of the local movie theater. Longing for a life of high adventure at his screen idol’s side, Judson soon realizes that you should be careful what you wish for – for he has inexplicably swapped bodies with McGinn’s young comic sidekick, the diminutive English teenage genius, Thaddeus Thackeray.

Now, Judson and Thaddeus -- each knowing virtually nothing about the other – must come to terms with their respective worlds while figuring out how to get back to where they belong. For Judson it’s a literal fight for survival, as facing episode after episode of outrageous animated dangers (without Thaddeus' expertise) is a LOT harder than it looks. For Thaddeus, it’s a somber wake-up call to an all-too-real world – a world at war, where heroes, as well as dreams, can actually die.

The adventure begins. Judson and McGinn team up to complete Thaddeus’ mission of finding the mystical crown of Therajian before the nefarious Henri Debaucherie can claim it for his own evil use. (And that McGinn turns out to be far more brawn than brains doesn’t help them in their quest.) Meanwhile, Thaddeus finds himself like a fish out of water in Judson Conover's Pennsylvanian hometown, having to brave the hell known as high school, face the local bully, and convince a team of scientists at Princeton that he's uncovered the secret of fusion power in exchange for the opportunity to get back home. And the only one who can possibly help Thaddeus is Judson’s best friend, Kenny…who isn’t quick to believe Thaddeus’ rather fantastic story.

Laced with comic shenanigans and fantastical derring-do, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THADDEUS THACKERAY is a cartoon adventure for the whole family. But it is also something more -– a tale of unwavering friendship in the face of impossible odds, a lesson in the real meaning of brotherhood, and a coming-of-age story of finding strength after suffering incredible personal loss. It has the larger-than-life adventure of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, the poignant humor of FINDING NEMO, the heroic camaraderie of BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID, and the tender, bittersweet nostalgia of THE IRON GIANT.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Daniel Radcliffe (voice)
Tom Holland (voice)
Kurt Russell (voice)
In the Vein Of:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Iron Giant
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Author Bio:
Adam McDaniel is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and writer. He is also a complete nerd and movie geek.

He attended New York's Vassar College, winning honors at various festivals for his student film work and receiving the college's academic film & cinematography prize upon graduation. He also wrote and directed a three-hour stage play that had the misfortune of opening the same night as an on-campus Billy Joel concert.

Growing up in Connecticut and New Jersey, he was largely a self-taught artist, drawing at an early age and winning several local and regional art competitions.

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Fresh Voices Feature (Second Place, Also won SPOTLIGHT AWARD) [2021]
Table Read (Finalist, Top 10 - Action/Adventure) [2020]
Creative Screenwriting (Finalist, Top 10 - Comedy category) [2020]
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