A clever sixth grader must learn to control her dreams or be trapped in them forever by a power hungry janitor intent on world domination.

Vickie is bored. So bored she could spit—if she were the spitting type of girl. If only she could think of something, anything, to infuse a little excitement into her 6th grade life. Something like…like…writing a book. But not just any book will do. It needs to be a spooky, real-life book that is sure to become a bestseller. So Vickie convinces her friends to go along with her scheme.

Meanwhile, in an adjacent universe, Micah enjoys the glow that comes with the completion of his Rite of Passage. Now that he is fifteen he is an adult, or almost. To really become a full-fledged adult his gift must show itself. For Micah this takes longer than usual because gifts are based on eye color, and Micah is unique in that one eye is blue while the other is brown.

Vickie and her friends concentrate on writing that true-life book that will bring them fame and riches. Their plan is to document all the strange things that go around them every day. So each girl writes down every strange or spooky thing they encounter throughout the day. When nothing really exciting happens that cannot be explained away, the record keeping expands to dreams.

That’s when things really start to happen. Because as Vickie dreams she begins to travel to Micah’s world, and Micah’s dreams takes him into Vickie’s. All this dream traveling might have been harmless if Roland, a disgruntled janitor with a chip on his shoulder, hadn’t noticed Vickie’s dream traveling ability and decided to use it to gain the power he’s always craved.

So Roland plots, plans, and eventually succeeds in trapping Vickie in the land of dreams where he’s able to snatch her power. When Micah gets in his way Roland quickly traps him in the land of dreams too.

Vickie and Micah join forces and manage to escape into Micah’s world from the land of dreams. Only then do they realize that Vickie does not belong in Micah’s world and must be returned to her own.

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Veronica holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University and a MLIS from the University of Washington. She also received a BA in Anthropology. While she’s a southern girl at heart, Veronica R. Tabares currently writes and resides with her wonderful family in Seattle, Washington. When she isn’t crafting fantastical stories, she spends the bulk of her time thinking about the cosmos, time travel, archaeology, and everything in between.

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ScreenCraft Family (Quarterfinalist) [2014]