P.O.I. - Cold Case

Pilot: An abduction on Vancouver Island causes a deadly cat-and-mouse game between a local ex-con, the Detective persecuting him, a corrupt land developer, and a slick sociopath. Series: a vengeful sociopath building an empire abducts two women from remote, coastal Campbell Creek, as the first in a series of crimes. A rogue cop suspects Fury, a reckless ex-con, who must change his ways to solve the abduction mysteries and prove himself innocent or go to jail for life set up by the criminal kingpin.

Based loosely on true events. For more, please contact the author. At its core, P.O.I. – Cold Case examines a unique Vancouver Island community, Campbell Creek, once famous for its safe streets and its pristine natural setting of dramatic mountain vistas and sublime barefoot walks on sandy beaches. But behind today’s façade, foreign corporations drain the last of the island’s natural resources into gorged bank accounts, and the struggling locals watch their past shrink farther away, swallowed by the raging tyranny of change.

This contemporary story with roots in the 1970s is a one-hour serialized drama with themes found in films we watch like Chinatown, Erin Brockovich and Avatar with relatable, complex, raw characters like those in Tender Mercies or Of Mice and Men.

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TV Pilot
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Alfred Cool has written 2 pilots, several shorts, 8 novels and multiple short stories about the B.C. coast, as only a local can, bringing to life through compelling and uniquely Canadian stories the raw and bold characters living where Canada’s mountains meet Earth’s greatest ocean.