My Angel Wore Stripes

After an accident, a standup comedian finds himself transported to heaven where he becomes an "Angel in Training." In order for him to earn his wings, he must return to earth and successfully defend an innocent prisoner at a Parole Board Hearing. During his spiritual journey, he touches and transforms the lives of the people he meets including the innocent victim, the quilty party and others along the way.

John J. Maffucci Synopsis: My Angel Wore Stripes The story begins in a New York City theater where Chauncey Day, a stand-up comedian is performing. A massive fire breaks out causing the patrons to flee for their lives. Day remains on site and acts heroically helping many of them escape while placing his life at risk. After they have all been safely evacuated, hes rushed to Mercy Hospital in critical condition. He then goes into cardiac arrest, then into a coma. A few seconds later, Day is on an elevator with Sister Florence, a nun, en route to Heaven. They are met there by Angel Bolt Jones who introduces them to God. God praises her and tells her because of her lifelong service to mankind shell be getting her wings immediately. He also praises Chauncey for saving the lives of his fellow human beings and offers him an opportunity to get his wings by first becoming An Angel in Training. Chauncey is to take part in a prisoner outreach program by helping Mario Schwartz, an innocent inmate at Sing Sing Prison at his Parole Board Hearing, by getting him get paroled. Day would then find his friend Logan who framed Schwartz and convince him to confess. God assures Day, that when he completes his assignment, hell get his permanent set of wings. Day reluctantly agrees. Jones teaches Day how to use his angel power so he can materialize and dematerialize at will. Day is issued temporary wings. A group of angels recognize him and convince him to do a comedy routine. Hes an instant hit. Jones interrupts his performance and tells Day hes to go immediately to Sing Sing and contact Schwartz. His parole hearing is the following morning. Day appears in Schwartzs cell, introduces himself and tells him hell be appearing with him and speaking as Schwartz to the parole board in Schwartzs voice, but that he wont be visible to the parole board members. Only Schwartz will be able to see Day. Hes minimized, sitting on Schwartzs shoulder during the hearing. The parole board is so impressed with the profound and articulate responses by Schwartz they decide unanimously to parole him to live with his parents in New York City. Hell work at his parents Pizza on a Matzah store. A few days later he reunites happily with his parents. In the meantime, Day with the help of Schwartzs family and Bolt Joness DNA Tracking Computer locate Logan in California. Logan at first is reluctant to cooperate and clear Schwartz, but changes his attitude when Day heavy handedly displays his awesome angel power. While Logan engages Day in conversation en route to the LAPD Police Precinct to turn himself in, , the cab driver who cannot see Day believes Logan is crazy when Logan tells him hes talking to an angel. The driver tells the detectives about Logans angel fixation. Believing hes crazy, hes forced into a straight jacket, and committed to a psychiatric hospital for observation. In the hospital, Logan is conned by a fellow inmate into believing that hes the Admitting Psychiatrist until an alarm is sounded and two orderlies discover him missing and locate him impersonating the admitting doctor. Logan is held for a week then returns to his home in L.A. where Day is there to meet him. They board a bus for New York where Logan has agreed to turn himself in to the New York City Police and exonerate Schwartz. When they arrive at the bus terminal, they are met by a hooker who approaches Logan but Day intervenes. He identifies her by name and tells her that her family loves her and is waiting anxiously for her return. She agrees to go to them immediately and renounces her hooker life. When her pimp appears and attempts to harm her, Day confronts him and makes his clothes disappear rendering him naked. The police arrive and force him into a police car. Logan turns himself in to the police and exonerates Schwartz. When Day is about to get his permanent wings, he awakens from his coma and is greeted by his friends who are the same characters he met in heaven. Later that night, a surprised nursing staff observes a brilliant light emanating from his room. When they enter, white feathers are floating onto his bed. Dr. Jones, an agnostic is startled. He proclaims, Oh My God indicating he witnessed an inexplicable, earth shattering event.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Robin Williams
Danny DeVito
Morgan Freeman
In the Vein Of:
Oh My God

Author Bio:
Curriculum Vitae John J. Maffucci Education: Graduated Fordham College 1953 BSS Sociology Masters Degree, Sociology, Fordham University Graduate School 1959 New York Film Academy-Screenwriters Workshop Military: Honorable Discharge U.

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Contest Results:
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist) [2008]
Screenplay Festival (Semifinalist) [2008]
Movie Script/Feature (Semifinalist) [2008]