Double Take

A couple, victimized by unscrupulous individuals in the financial industry and both mistakenly diagnosed with terminal cancer, concoct a joint scheme in which their nemesis unwittingly finances their exorbitant worldwide vacation under the watchful eye of an unorthodox Guardian Angel.

Synopsis: Double Take Mark Owens and Jill Trent don't know each other. They meet accidentally in a medical office where theyve been independently informed by Star Laboratories of Los Angeles that they have pancreatic cancer and have about six months to live. Shed been unjustly fired earlier that day by Scott Reynolds, an unscrupulous co-owner of Greely Financial Consultants. Mark Owens, the proprietor of a mid-town deli in Manhattan had been recently swindled out of a considerable amount of money by a broker. She recruits Mark and Amin Yasheen, a former employee of Reynolds who he had also been wrongly fired about a year before, to assist her in looting Reynolds checking account from a NY City bank where Amin is currently employed. Their monies would be used by her and Mark to finance an exorbitant vacation, abroad. Mark successfully impersonates Reynolds and signs a check for $600,000 which Jill had arranged to be forwarded to a Swiss Bank in Geneva. They commence their vacation. En route to Paris from Italy, their plane is about to be hi-jacked. Mark a former career military Special Forces Officer, utilizes Jill and together they disarm and subdue the hi-jackers. They become instant international heroes, receive worldwide media attention, and then examine their consciences about their large scale theft from Reynolds. In the meantime, a flashback at Star Labs reveals a night Security Officer had been drunk on duty several weeks earlier. His pet chimpanzee who was with him was also inebriated, invades the testing lab where he stamps a number of Patient Diagnosis Test Reports-Pancreatic Cancer Confirmed. When the company discovers their blunder, they immediately contact those patients and settle with them to avoid being sued. The lab attorney locates Mark and Jill and informs them they do not have pancreatic cancer. Jill negotiates million dollar settlements for her and Mark. They immediately return Reynolds money to his New York account, keep the balance and continue their vacation. Reynolds has no idea his account had been looted and reimbursed. Continuing their vacation at a Basilica in Lourdes, a shabbily dressed, elderly woman with an ethereal presence approaches Mark. Shes not visible to Jill. Hes certain that she had spoken to him several weeks earlier at St. Josephs Church in New York City and reassured him that he was not terminally ill. He asks her if shes his Guardian Angel. She doesnt answer directly but infers she is. Jill believes Mark is putting her on and is jokingly carrying on a conversation with himself. He's not.

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Curriculum Vitae John J. Maffucci Education: Graduated Fordham College 1953 BSS Sociology Masters Degree, Sociology, Fordham University Graduate School 1959 New York Film Academy-Screenwriters Workshop Military: Honorable Discharge U.S. Navy l955 Resume' of Criminal Justice Experience: 1955 - 1986 1955-57 Guidance Counselor Sing Sing Prison 1957-74 Parole Officer- NYS Division of Parole Field 15 years: Sing Sing 2 years 1974-83 Commissioner New York State Parole Board Appointed by R-Governor Malcolm Wilson.

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