The Odyssey of John Buchanan

Like in a Greek myth, our hero is captured by the British in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. The journey from being a prisoner turns to slavery when John is sold to an English slave owner in Colonial Maryland.

Our hero's story contains scenes of often violent action, some considerable suspense, and thrilling high drama. The Laird of Blackfoord is the owner of their land, farm, and cottage under a Scottish feudal system that is degrading to the human spirit. Our hero yearns to make a new life for his family. This young Scottish soldier survives the death of his father on the field of battle at Culloden Moor. Now, he is determined to seek a different future for himself, his mother, and his wife.

After the Scottish army is slaughtered, John rides south to protect his family from the victorious English forces. He is caught in a trap, his wife and mother are burned to death in their cottage, and he becomes an English prisoner, deported to the American colonies. Without family members to support him, John now relies on his own bravery, cunning, and firm intention to succeed.

John is sold into servitude in the colony of Maryland. He befriends one of the slaves, is falsely accused of attempting to rape his owner’s daughter, and reaches a decision to flee his servitude. He teams up with William Traynor, an American Scot, and together they survive an attack by the plantation owner’s men.

Reaching William’s Pennsylvania farm, John is caught in a final confrontation with a renegade Indian. It appears that he has lost but John survives the attack and returns to the farm, a hero. John no longer is driven by his determination to seek a different future. He finds his future in the love of William’s daughter and the promise of a home in America.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Leo Suter
40 Year Old Rugged Actor
a young Kate Winslett
In the Vein Of:
Cold Mountian
Rob Roy
Author Bio:
My work with the CBS series, "The Mississippi," with Ralph Waite, and the CBS mini-series, "Beulah Land," gave me a strong desire to create a screenplay based on my Scottish heritage. The Odyssey of John Buchanan confirms my research, resulting in favorable reviews.

Contest Results:
Edinburgh International (Quarterfinalist) [2018]
Movie Deal! (Semifinalist) [2010]
WriteMovies (Semifinalist) [2010]
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