Before the next full moon, a new Vampire dentist-in-training must choose between giving magical ancient vampire blood to himself, his jealous family vampires and friends, or saving a hot blonde babe from a needy bitten human. Ancient Vampire Blood comes with a bite.

'The Bloody Vial' is an original horror/ romantic-comedy / erotic feature-film script.

A couple with a stolen antique vial become vampire victims. A scummy new Vampire, Evo acquires this relic vial containing the blood of the first vampire Nosferatu.

The ancient blood has magical powers depending whether human or vampire drinks it. For vampires, the blood gives them eternal life without fear of sunlight or garlic.

Vampire Dirk Vam Dent brings a letter from his cousin Dr. Drek Vam Dent that he had to ‘fly’ home to take care of some family business. Dirk wants to learn about the ‘dental’ profession from human dentist, Dr. Moe Lars.

Dental anthropologist, Miss Fay Ray Tuth gets more information for her survey of dentists than she bargains for when she enters the 24-hour basement dental office catering to humans and the blood crowd.

Dirk Vam Dent’s numerous sensual interrupted bitings of Miss Fay Ray Tuth steam up the camera lens.

New human bumbling dental partner, Dr. Bro K.N. Tusk deals with dentures, bridges and false teeth first for humans then reluctantly for the growing vampire clientele.

Hunger makes one of the gang of hot-bite female vampires seduce Dr. Moe Lars, bite him, and turn him into a vampire.

Dirk Vam Dent commands the scummy Vampire, Evo to guard Dr. Moe Lars while he battles three aged male vampires, three ancient female vampires and three hot-bite female vampires for the relic vial.

Dirk Vam Dent must decide whether he will give up the relic vial of blood before the next full moon and before the transformed Dr. Moe Lars bites someone to be able to turn him back to a human.

True Vampire Blood comes with a bite!

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Brandon Fraser

Author Bio:
Christine J. Whitlock has written (8) feature scripts and (3) TV pilots. You can see Christine Whitlock's list of scripts for sale at Her film production is at Christine Whitlock has a Magazine Journalism Certificate from Ryerson University Toronto, Novel Writing and Creative Writing Certificate from George Brown College Toronto. She explores heightened emotions in her writing.

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