FORMAT: TV Pilot, suitable for Cable. Each episode introduces a different pair whose lives are switched. The why and how will not be resolved till the final episode. This is the proverbial Walk a Mile in My shoes. NUTSHELL: An evolutionary jump and the magnetic field give five pairs of seemingly random individuals an extraordinary gift. Without notice their lives are suddenly switched for twenty-four hours. These people live in the other’s shoes for a day. Some will fake it, some will meet danger, some will not cope. These lucky people must learn to survive with their new and sometime unwelcome ability. Throughout the series the curious ones will follow clues to the mystery of their new lives; some will want to know what has shattered their norms. The timid will try to hide from their new reality. But there is no place to hide. They do not control the process, they will all live with the apprehension of a sudden switch to danger or excitement. PILOT LOGLINE: An LA finance guru promised more than he can deliver and dangerous people want results. An unexpected body switch with a simple herder will only delay the inevitable for 24 hours. One of these men will adjust to the hustle, the sudden violence of LA. One will struggle with the simplicity of an honest existence..

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TV Pilot
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I write science fiction screenplays. Yes sci-fi; aliens, abductions, time travel, galaxies, universe, starships, all that wonderful stuff, but no anal probing! I spent many many years fiddling around making computer systems work better. Yep, I was one of those analysts; the only people more boring than dentists. I use fantasy to put ordinary people in extra-ordinary situations. They must evolve to adapt, they must grow to survive. I do not write about heroes, I write about people who have to become heroes.

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