A Star Reborn

After hitting rock bottom, Elvis Presley struggles to kick drugs, reunite his family, and co-star in A STAR IS BORN to be taken seriously as an actor.

The story begins in 2015 with a celebration at Graceland for what would have been Elvis's 80th birthday. Later, as PRISCILLA PRESLEY, 69, JOE ESPOSITO, 77, and TROY MANNING, 73, reminisce about Elvis, A Star Is Born airs on television. They discuss how different Elvis's life might have been if he had been in that film. Later, Troy imagines a revised life for Elvis if he had fired his manager and accepted the role Barbra offered Presley in 1975.

The story transitions to 1972, where ELVIS PRESLEY, 37, sings onstage at the Las Vegas Hilton. While Elvis performs, a crazy groupie shoots at PRISCILLA, 27, in the casino winging Elvis’ bodyguard, JOE ESPOSITO, 34, in the shoulder. A team of bodyguards led by RUSTY WARD, 36, hurries Elvis to safety. Concerned, Elvis sends Priscilla to Graceland while he completes a grueling tour.

At Graceland, a drug-addicted, fearful Elvis coerces DR. NEWBURN, 40's, into supplying him with several prescriptions. In Las Vegas, BARBARA STREISAND, 30, informs Elvis she wants him to star opposite her in a remake of A Star Is Born, but he and Kris Kristofferson will need to take a screen test.

Elvis discusses the offer with his manager, TOM PARKER, 66, and he dismisses the project causing Elvis’ drug use to worsen. Soon after, Elvis and Priscilla divorce.

Elvis hires a kindred spirit, TROY MANNING, 31, as his live-in hairdresser. Troy advises Elvis to stand up to Parker if he wants the role. Elvis and his father, VERNON, 53, terminate Parker. Elvis gives a dazzling performance in the screen test.

Barbara calls Elvis and offers him the role. Joe informs Elvis that Parker died in a car crash. Mournful, Elvis accidentally overdoses on pills. Dr. Newburn, Joe, Rusty, and Troy assist Elvis through a withdrawal process at home.

Still shaky, Elvis forgets the words and freezes during a performance. Humiliated, he goes into a depression. At home, he gets drunk and accidentally kills Rusty in a driving accident and seriously injures himself. Left unable to sing, Elvis checks himself into a private clinic. Upon his release, Barbara informs Elvis the studio thinks he’s a risk and advises him to get something going so she can convince them to change their mind. Elvis hires CALEB MORRISON, 20's, to manage Elvis’ career. After some small roles, Caleb lands Elvis a starring role in the movie In the Ghetto. Before the film hits the theaters, Barbra informs Elvis that the studio just hired Kris for the part. Devastated, Elvis contemplates taking drugs. Instead, he turns to the Bible and his loved ones.

After a bizarre turn of events, Elvis receives the role and later, an Academy Award nomination. Elvis doesn’t win, but he tells Joe, Vernon, Caleb, and Troy that he feels optimistic about life and that he’s a lucky man.

The story returns to 2015 with Joe, Troy, and Priscilla reflecting on what could have been at Elvis’ gravestone at Graceland.

Starring Roles For:
Adam Lambert
Jared Leto
Justin Timberlake
In the Vein Of:
Walk the Line
Bohemian Rhapsody
inspired by true events
Author Bio:
A STAR REBORN was a quarter-finalist in "WriteMovies Summer 2016 Competition" [].

I have six feature scripts, a short, and a TV pilot script with a show bible that have professional recommends from Dave Trottier, author of "The Screenwriter's Bible," Jacob N. Stuart of "Screenwriting Staffing" and/or "Screenplay Readers." They are all production-ready.

My screenplay EVOLVEMENT was chosen for the 2019 online publication "The Budget List.

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