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Rebel Tides

When modern warfare meets medieval, a tyrannical monster of a man takes control of England. A former member of the SAS closes himself off from the apocalyptic world until its savagery finds its way to his doorstep. He will be forced to make a choice, to abstain, or intervene, but what he doesn't know is that the oppressive king is his former brother in arms and best friend, long thought dead.


Skewed Blue

A combat medic turned crusader battles discrimination, injustice, and corruption as she polices her city. After her best friend is killed in combat, she vows to uphold his legacy to shift the scales of justice back into balance.


Dream Catchers

In medieval Scotland, a man searching for redemption becomes the target of torment as his power to heal becomes a catalyst for fear. Script Excerpt


Pariah Chapter 1: Emergence

For thousands of years, evil has held influence over the Earth. A group of outcasts known as the Pariah have been tasked with vanquishing these demons back to the fiery gates of Hell. As some of the Pariah give into temptation, the distinction between good and evil becomes blurred. Script Excerpt


With Any Luck

Due to misfortune and dumb luck, two brothers must set aside their differences to save the woman they care about from the clutches of her unlikely kidnapper. Script Excerpt



A man haunted by his past finds redemption in the ashes of an arsonist's quest for vengeance. Script Excerpt


Pariah Chapter 3: Fire and Brimstone

As Ismael, the catalyst of chaos brings down his wrath upon mankind, the Pariah must come together to save the Earth from Hell's clutches. As the Pariah battle to save the human race, they will discover that the cost of victory comes at a heavy cost. Script Excerpt


Pariah Chapter 2: The Prophecy

A fallen angel uses his cunning abilities to test the Pariah. As evil's influence becomes more rampant, the prophets who may be able to stop it rise up as the final battle for mankind marches ever closer. Script Excerpt