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An anthology of four comedic tales of sci-fi/horror/fantasy. A mudered wife resurrects through her garden; a small space alien is mistaken for an action toy; A base commander dares to challenge a UFO; A young man makes a pact with a witch. Script Excerpt


A Journey With Destiny

An American Odyssey of adventure, love, and death that portrays with nostalgic hindsight the dawn of the modern era through the trials and tribulations of a young visionary's 1906 lone journey by automobile from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Script Excerpt


Behind The Veil

Film Noir, Hollywood 1947 – A private detective, in his search for a young gay man, must deal with intolerance, prejudice, and corruption as he enters the dark, hidden underworld of forbidden sex and vice; only to discover a sinister operation conducting blackmail, extortion, and murder for political gain, at the highest levels of government. Script Excerpt