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Scriptapalooza Announces 2008 Quarterfinalists

Scriptapalooza has announced their 2008 Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists:

1 Will Attend by Lauren S. Zimmerman
100 by M.C. McKay
1926 by Ed Gaus
20 Million Bucks by Kenny Barrickman
35 Miles from Shore by Emilio Corsetti III
360 by Richard Nguyen-Marshall
A Boy and his Bear by Chris Castile
A Child of Our Time by Robert Bowden
A Hampton's Tale by Rafael Friedan
A Hand Full of Dust by Joseph G. Tidwell III
A Life Unexpected by
A Life Unlived by Douglas L. Hall
A Multitude of Sins by Tiffany Warren
A Night with Romain by Dennis Douda & Joe Berglove
A Revolution in Urination by Christian Heinze
A Very Deadly Game by Tom Tieche
A Very Special Christmas Special by Dave McKendry
A Walk Through Hell by Mark Arament
Abandoned Dreams by Keenan Murray
Abra-Ca-Diaper by Kem Welch
Accidentally Dead by Tom Flynn
Acts of Violence by Ryan David Jahn
Adapt or Perish by Carlton T. Saito
Addicted to You by Cynthia Swaeby
Affiliation by Dennis Kiernan
Afterlife by Ward Ferguson
Airborne! by Hector Troy
Alysa of the Fields by Tina Field Howe
American Canvas by Gene Wolande
American Eyes by Jeff Cottrone
American Hero by A.M. Wallace
American Sumo by Matt Warren and David Zarif
Amigo Coyote by Keros Lowder
An Arabian Tale by Griffin Broadway
An Improbable Life by Matthew Myers
And Swim Like Me by Calvin Beckett
Angelika Crisp by Steve Miller, Leah Matuson & Carlton Holder
Angie by Anthony F. LoPresti Jr.
Anna Lee Was Here by Randy M. Salo
Anything Can Happen by Phillip McKenzie
As Good A Place As Any by Mike Malesa And Adam Wheelock
Attached by Carl Llabres
Attempting to Connect by Michael Jon Levin
BabyRose by Jeff Moonie, Jr.
Back in Blackmail by Steven Earnhart
Balsawood by Trai Cartwright
Barefoot Mel by David Van Hooser
Beautiful Creature by Kurt Larson
Beautiful, Shattered World by Michael Petrusaitis
Been There, Done That by Cynthia Benjamin
Behind These Walls by Jeremy Hellier
Bellingham by Matthew D. Saeman
Beneath the Garden of Eden by James C. Schlicker
Bete Noire by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo
Betrayal After Trust by Jesus Gimenez
Better Man by Scott Organ
Beyond the Beyond by D.E. Wilson
Big Bang Theory by Terence O'Toole Murnin
Big Fan by Jeff Hower
Birthright by Michael R. Taylor
Black Angels by Adam D. Johnson
Blackwater by Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy
Blood Queens of Suburbia by Scott Anton Svatos
Blue Agave by Peter Hanrahan
Bone Janglin' by Patrick Donohoe
Bounty/Hunted by Kevin Kangas
Boys of Gerald by Jordan Lewis
Brain Wave by Paki S. Wright
Breaking the Fall by Daniel D. Reed & Steve Caldes
Broken by Victoria Minkoff & Denise DePass
Burn by Greg Rempel
Butcher Shop by David Covell
Caitlin with a ''C'' by Tina Richey Swanson
Camp Fire by Kristopher White
Canterbury by Lisa Molusis
Career Goals by James Rogers
Carnies by Dean Ward & Matt Ward
Castle of the Dead by Joseph Nutter
Castles & Queens by Ace Passmore & Wendell Fuqua
Cedarpine Views by Mischa Ayoub
Chapman by Justin Owensby
Charlie De Purgo by Hyungjoon Peter Ji
Charon's Pass by Robert Bridge
Child in the Dark by Damian Lahey and Ian Ogden
Child of the Disapeared by Michael Holliday
Christmas Evil by Matt McNevin
Christmas in Goa by Evan Richman
Christmas of the Dead by Ryan Galletta
Circumference by Tim Clague
City of Lions by J. David Crosby
City of Steel by George Robertson & William Gammon
Class Bully by Gilbert Herrick
Comic Stripped  by Adam Hunter and Dave Levin
Community Service by Christopher di Armani
Concession Side Road 17 by Ronald G. Rice
Conviction, 1 to 5 by David Moss
Court Warrior by Ian James
Cross of the Savage by Joe Crouch
Crossing the Meadow by Lynn Santer & Kfir Luzzatto
Cry of the Witch by Windy Buhler
Crystal Clear by Annie Willett
Dancing With Rose by Stacey H. Lee
Dark City by Simon Bowler
Dark Sun Rising by Tina Parke-Sutherland & Bill Sutherland
David's Summer by Lee Gabel
Dead Duck by Jeffrey Scott
Death in the Family by Michael Adamthwaite
DeMille by Robert Hammond
Descent by Mark Familton
Devil's Lure by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Devil's Trail by Ken Henderson
Dick in Time by Ed Goodman
Dig Deep, Lenny Kinkenstein by Rick Majzun
Dirty Deeds Dungeons and Dragons by Dennis Connelly & Anthony Fiorenzo
Do Do Love by Laura Richardson
Doc Holliday by Bret Loli
Dog Magic by Brian Hill
Don't look in the Casket by Wayne Schroeder
Doomsday Order by Ken Miyamoto
Doorknob Five Two by Gary Tigerman & Aaron Weisblatt
Double Whammy by Cecily Rhett & Kathryn Rhett
Draw the Line by Dwayne Corbett
Dream by Day by Michael Lea
Dreamgirl '87 by Young-Sun Kim
Echoes of the Bosque by Lupe H. Preciado
Emotional Girls by Cecilia Lewis
Empire by Chase Adams
Ending Violence by Jordon Hattery
Etopia by Tommy Butler
Fairy Tale Ending by Stephanie Storey & Mike Gandolfi
False Image by Sam Neil Kesler
Fat Boy by Bobby Miller
Fausta by Dalisia Mendoza
Feral by Scott Parisien
Fight or Die by Michael Lenihan & Risteen Gates
Finding Felicity by Mark J. Layne
First-Person Shooter by Hamish McCollester
Flesh by Adam Bernstein
Flushed by Brandt Kubo
Footprints by Matthew Bozin
For I Have Sinned by Guy Quigley
For The Life of Jane by Dr. Stephen P. Williams
Forma Mentis by Leonardo Rizzi & Giacomo Cimini
Fort Worthless by Heath Medley
Fortune Cookie by Murray Spitzer
Four Hours to Paris by Marcus Lee
Front Man by Kevin Conder
Fumbling Toward Oblivion by Daniel Bilodeaux & Chris Conlee
Gates of Paradise by Jeffrey Jay, Ph.D.
General Washington by Byron Hudson
Ghostwriter by Pete Peterson
Goin' Strong by Michael Scott Monje, Jr.
Going to Gunn by Robert Sudduth
Graf by Peter Loffredo & M. Roman Rosales
Great Falls by Mike Rembis
Greetings from the Whipple's Dome by John L. Finelli
Grim Gets A Life by Peter Fraser
Grinding Stardust by Rick Yost
Groganzola by Paul Ericson
Guacamole Man by Sandi Craig
Guess Who's Coming For Kimchee by Christina Choe
Halliburton by Alvin Easter
Hallowed Ground by Maurizio Marmorstein
Hamlet: Resurrection! by Nir Studnitski
Heart and Soul by Geoffrey Saunders
Heartless by Warren John Deacon & Lupos Sobre-Vega
Hell Can Wait by Geraint Horwood
High School Confessional by Skot Leach
Honor Among Thieves by Matt Allen
Hop, Skip, Jump by David Coombes
Horse by Craig von Wiederhold
House of Ten by Alan Taglianetti
Hunting Season by Sherry Moore
I Am Fine by Alistair Stewart
I Swear This Happened to my Friend's, Friend's Family by Serge Kushnier &                     John Hill
Ice Cream by Yarrow Wayman
Ideas Float Down By Adam McClary
Impressions by Jeremy Hoffpauir
In For A Penny by James Kelty & Laurelle Barnett
In Memoriam by James P. Barker
In The Name of Freedom by Sir Chase Hooper
In The Rig by Douglas A. Bechtold
In The Walls by Lori King
Incidental Purpose by Bruce Marich
Ironman by George Gier
Issue by Arlene Monnier
It's My Nature by Crystel Amsalem & Patrick Levy
Jack & Chip by Robert Bronstein
Jacked aka Death Touch by Charles Borg & Dan Ehrlich
Joe Nobody by Paul Edward Morris
Katrina by Daniel Antman
Khama by Mark Macauley
Kickstart My Heart by Bradley J. Buecker
Kids & Adults by Keith Thomas Downing
Killer Deal by Shervin Youssefian & Chris Sri
King's Heart by Svilen Kamburov
Kiss The Ouch by Kimberly Kaplan
Knight Me by David Zeltser & Max Faugno
Laid Off by Tory Hoke
Land of the Little People by Guy Quigley
Last Second Chance by Brian Wasankari
Learning Curve by Michael Jay
Libertador by Himkar Tak
Life is so Good by Rodney Allen Hooks
Life Vest Under Your Seat by Tom Marble
Lillian by Jane Witt
Little Brother by Jake Goldstein
Little Universe by Ian Cohen
Losing Walter by Nicholas Daniel Driggs & Nathan Robard Levinson
Lost City by Phil Ferriere
Louisiana Blood by Mike Donald
Love Dance by Parker Babbidge
Lovegems by Christopher Davis
Lusts and Gulls by Marci Lynne Burgess
Man of the Match by Sam Shiromani
Marathon by John P. Petrelli
Marry Me by Daniel Korb
Mars or Bust by David Isaac
Masterpiece by Jeffrey Scott
Max and the Happy Prince by Kimberly Kaplan
Mercs by Edward Herr
Merging by Blair Duckworth
Mi Amor by Alan Reitsch
Miami Feist by Debra Zarne
Milo & The Nail by Steven Loeb
Miracle's Mission by August West
Miss Broomstick by Tim Cagney
Mistaken by Nicole Evans
Mistress of the Sea by Rebecca Howland
MK-Ultra by Ken Fox
Modigliani by Stanton Korey
Moon Camp by John Uth
Mourning Gwendolyn by Seth Fisher & Christian Remde
Mr. Invincible by Adam Lawson
Murder by Numbers by Christopher John Fetherolf
Mush by Carolyn Drebin
Musselmen by Kitryn Ellis and David Ellis
My First Lady by Mary Kaiser
My Hero by David Norwood
Naked Tribe by Ryan LaSalle
Natural by Nicole L. Riegel
Neversaw Coming by Michael Hoffman
Nightingale by Savitri Gauthier & Mark Peter Krasselt
Noah & Nadine by Seth Cohen
Numbered by Neil McGowan
Oblivion by Patrick Melikian
Old Pokes Home by Shelley Stuart
On The Run by Dale Taylor
One Giant Leap by Michael Miller
One Last Go by Chris Spisak
One Night in Ashbury Park by Maurizio Marmorstein
One Shot Deal by Fred MIlls
One Shot, One Kill by Ken Miyamoto
Our Pet Dragon by David Isaac
Overbite by Peter W. Hassinger
Owl Burgers by Jonathan Bolnick
Palmer by Cheryl Guerriero
Patriot Blood by Anna Nicholas
Peace by Mark Manley
Pearl by Richard Curtis
Poach by John Cory
Polarized by Janette Kotichas
Potato Man by Todd Cook
Powder Brown by Philip Dorr
Predatoria by Robbie Lewis
Pride and Pregnancy by Daniel Lee
Princess Reborn by Lee Tidball
Push To Open by Gazcon Fazi
Rebirth by T.L. Lewis
Redeeming The Time by Michael Eldridge
Reinventing Ethan by Louis Yateem
Relative Witness by Joy Patin
Rent-A-Zombie by Michael Kenneth Jackson
Repossess by Luke Goltz
Rosemary's Revenge by Laura N. Gilliam
Running Around by George Perez
Sadie Hawkin's Day by Kathlyn Bradshaw
Sea Hawk by Jeremy Rush
Senior Moments by Matt Percival
Severed by Erick Ziegler
Shakespeare's Daughter by Peter W. Hassinger
Shed by Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer
Skin Thick by Naomi Ekperigin
Sky by Richard Lasser, Dennis Edwards & Jonathan Morgan Jenkins
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Sneakers on the Wire by Jesus Castellanos
Sober Living by Heather Regnier
Solar Flare by Bruce Chapnick
Someplace Else To Be by Nathaniel Missildine
Sonny Takes to Peru by Mark Hammer
Soul Witness by Gregory J. Porter
Soulmates by David Birkenhead
Splintered Porch by Dennis Douda
Spring Never Came by Vincent Fahy
Spring-heeled Jack by David Pardue
Stage Dad by Carin Chapin & Kevin McCloskey
Stark Justice by Matt Titus
Sticks and Stones by David Zeltser & Max Faugno
Stolen Sky by Dan Fabrizio
Strange Little Grocery Store by Aaron Fox
Strange Relationship by Presley Parish
Strong Roads by Don Teague
Suborbital by G. Jeffrey Hoch
Sugar Mountain by Jonathan Easley
Summer of '69 by Christopher Bell
Tails from the Forest by Daniel Turkewitz
Taking in Fletcher Hill by Rachel Paris
Tears of Joy by Elena Zaretsky
Thank Heaven by Debby Wolfe
The 10 Year Renewable Marriage by Dawn Bierschwal & Jeanne Bowerman
The Ace of Aces by Geoffrey Breuder
The Alpha Male by James Hoeffner
The Amacon Cover by William Klausman
The Art of Deception by Matt Fortnow
The Bismarck by Todd A. Raffensperger
The Burn Off by Joshua Rothenberger
The Business of Murder by Benjamin McMillan
The Circus King by Edward A. Wilson
The Creative Force by Shirley Raun
The Cyanide Canary by Robert Dugoni
The Decapitation of Sidney Baker by Scott Collette
The Devil's Crucible by John Brinling
The Dining Table by Chris D. Cox
The Doll Shop by Loretta H. Yaskiel & Randy Grixti
The Dusable Panthers by Scott Putman
The Elements by Benjamin Murray
The Enigma of Christopher Marlowe by Simon Bowler
The Explorer by Andrew Pettit
The Fahey Men by Jane Holahan
The Famous Jonas Wilde by Richard J. Millard
The Flowering of Kelly O'Hara by Cate Salenger
The Forgotten Horsemen by Lee E. Downing & Jane A. Green
The Fourth Trimester by Claudia Myers
The Gemini Effect by Jude Sand
The Ghosts of Chinatown by Rus McLaughlin
The Great American Book by Eric Schmeltzer
The Hoochies of Johnson Street by Brooke Miller Hall
The Iconoclast by George Chumo II
The JV Squad by Pete Peterson
The Karate Kat by Kate Luhr & Eric Frost-Barnes
The LapTop by Aleksander Szeser
The Lark by Mitch Hart
The Last Hurrah by Erik Leif Nelson & Mark Stephen Nelson
The Last Kincaid by Dan Hubp
The Lifesavers by Gerald Semanson
The Lodger by June Escalante
The Lonesome Crowded West  by Ben Hausler
The Long Road Home by Jon Cory August
The Lost Secret of Eden by Thomas Zmiarovich
The Marilyn Tapes by Danielle Randall
The One-Nighter by Christine M. Deitner
The Plantation by Ryan Harris & Brian Lubocki
The Presidential Legacy by Heather MacArthur
The Price by Jo Ann Peritz & Brigid Herold
The Revisiting by Jeanette Browne
The Right Idea by Michael Twist
The Road Home by Kip Calendine
The Salvador Deli by Brad Farrar
The Sequel by Hollis Grace Jordan
The Shapedrifter by Aleksander Szeser
The Sharp by Jay Cannistraci & Lochlainn Seabrook
The Sky Watchers by Brian Dale & Jason Panick
The Smart Set by Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Stake by Leo Zanis & Scott Pardo
The Suit Case by Michael Bain
The Terminals by Matt Umbarger
The Third Realm by Nino Del Pesco
The Tooth Fairy by Michael William Hogan
The Turkey and the Eagle by John McCabe
The Two Worlds of Mike Denton by Jared Ingram and Brian Sharp
The Uncanny Dilemma of Madigan Townes by Jon Lucas Murphy
The Velveteen Candidate by Susan W. Hinkle
The Vial Man by Lary Zappia
The Village Idiot by Adam Balsam
The Whale Song by Ana Toro
Those Eyes by Alfred Ramey
Those Who Saved The World by Zack Engel
Three Rivers by Brian Loschiavo & Josh Macuga
Time Passages by Chuck Loch
Times of Trial by Paul J. Williams
To See Afar by Donald T. Morrison
Tommy and the Trashmen by Gary A. Campbell
Under the Lights by Douglas Stark
Unity by Eugene L. Langlais III & Paul R. Langlais
Valley of Evil by Gordon Kelly
Valley of the Bears by Marlon Maloney & Matt Ruecker
Vampire Rapist by Page Hall
Violin by Peggy Bruce
Willie Francis Must Die Again by Allan Durand
Windfall by Bob Canning & Ira Posnansky
Wonder Drug by Caitlin McCarthy
You Are Now Leaving by L. Ellen Shahan
You Got the Look by Joe Stevens
You Like Chinese Food by Ryan Sager and Jacob Gershman
Your Number's Up by CV Herst

Updated: 07/30/2008
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