Slamdance Announces 2008 Contest Winners and Finalists

Slamdance has named Neil McGowan's Numbered as their Grand Prize Winner for 2008.


NUMBERED (Comedy/Thriller) by: Neil McGowan
Sid Janson, the most normal man on Earth, awakes one morning to find that everyone in the world has a number on their forehead that only he can see. Discovering their meaning leads Sid on a journey towards a better understanding of the world around him.


GOODMAN'S GARDEN by: Douglas K. Miller (Drama) He got away with murder. Now what?

WANT AND CURIOSITY by: Eric Weller (Drama) Faced with eviction from his apartment, losing his only form of income, as well the introduction of a new possibility to his life he can't help but feel different about, a decidedly indifferent young man for the first time finds ambition and meaning.

HUMAN RESOURCES by: Marissa Jo Cerar (Drama) A biracial adopted woman leaves her lavish life in New York to return to the Midwest and help her blue-collar Caucasian parents save house.

LUCAS DONOVAN by: Keisha Poiro (Comedy) Single mother falls in love with "teen" heartthrob.

MOONBEAM FISHERMAN by: John Dummer (Coming of Age) In the summer of the 1969 moon landing, a teenage boy and an old fisherman learn to deal with loss.

MENDELSSOHN by: Joseph Yuan, Jeannette Manning (Period, Drama) Europe's greatest composer, Felix Mendelssohn, has a secret. His sister co-writes all of his music. The true story of a man whose willingness to sacrifice everything for fame, from his Jewish identity to his sister, comes back to destroy him.

HAIR TODAY by: Dennis Douda (Animation) A lowly flea saves the earth. But, he has to get a balding scientist through a mid-life crisis to do it. Dude it's just hair, not the end of the world. Oh, maybe it is!

CZECHOSLOVAKIA by: Alvin Easter (Drama) On the road with a serial killer.

TRUCKERS VS. BIKERS by: Aaron Granlund and Sean Huet (Action/Thriller) A truck driver seeks revenge on a gang of bikers who left him for dead and stole his rig.


FAUSTA by: Dalisia Mendoza (Drama) Captain Janetta Morales suffers from recurring dreams after an IED detonates beside her vehicle in Iraq. Desperate for answers, she seeks the help of hypnotherapist Mitch Tenoria and discovers a life lived a hundred and fifty years in the past.

FIRE SEASON by: Tim D. Stickler (Drama) Victims of a large forest fire realize what is truly important in life.

REPEAT AFTER ME by: Scott Honea and Josh Sitarz (Drama) A teenage girl flees her dysfunctional family's slumping Las Vegas wedding chapel and sets out to become a venerable magician's assistant at a hotel scheduled for demolition.

SAPNA'S GIFT by: Anthony Dodd (Drama) If Valedictorian Jaime plans to cheat death and attend his high school graduation, he'll need straight A's in his three worst subjects: philosophy, metaphysics, and... girls.

SOMEWHERE BETTER THAN HERE by: Vince Orlando (Drama) Four lost souls trapped by poverty since childhood struggle to create better lives for themselves by any means necessary.

Updated: 10/22/2008

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