StoryPros Announces Quarterfinalists

The StoryPros International Screenwriting contest has announced their competition quarterfinalists:

A Chinese Angle by M.L. McLean
A Message For Martinez by Larry N. Stouffer
Alex Calloway and the Blade of Arca by Frank Reavey
Alone by Tracey Thomas
Ancient of Days by Craig Stewart
Andrea by Ronder Scott
Best Served Cold by Tommy Bryant
Bim-Bam by Yves Lavandier
Black Damp by Carla Robinson
Blood & Sand by Shane Perez
Blowback by Jeff Travers
Bodhisattva by Annita Pieroni
Born & Raised by Nick Loritsch
Boy Apocalypse by Eric Obame
Boy Meets Girl by Michael Kenny
Bridge to Somewhere by Seth Philip Shore
Calliope by James T. Frazier
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Cash from Chaos by Patrick S. Daly
Charm School by Michael C. Elliot, Kimberley Wells
Cipango by Spencer Michlin
Closer Than Love by Rhonda Ermel, Morris Clark
Concrete Wings by Beverly Gandara
Cottonwoods by Randolph Splitter
Counted Among The Wicked by Jeff Bowers, Gerard Breitenbeck
Crooked Xmas by Raj Balu
Day Before Night by Arnold Edwards
Day It Rained Sidneys by Gerald Westreich
Dead Town by Mark Lukens
Dealers by Jimmy Bromberg
Death Doesn't Like Me by Steve Daniels
Doctor Davis by Pat Mikulec
Doomed by Don Hofmeister
Dragons' Sight by Debra Hardy
Drinking in Church by Kieran Angelini
Echoes Of Tiananmen by Bill Flannigan, William Flannigan
Eke'Bolos by Stephen C. Settle
Elevator by Jason Philps
Enlighten Up by Gilbert Inboden, Attila Nagy & Garen Inboden
Everybody Wins by Ian Hamilton
Fairies Landing by Cheryl Miller
Fall From Grace by Paul Antony-Barber
Family Remains by William Johnston
Fifty by Mick Sands
Finding Patience by Aaliyah A. Miller
For Life by Steve Weissman
For the Love of Jade by Michael Yurinko
Free Fall by Miguel Tejada-Flores, Scott Frost
Full Contact by Dave Kraft
Galapagos by Amanda Parham
George's Song by Bob Bland
Getting To First by Rick Fonte
Glastonbury by Anne Callahan
Glenlochan by Pam Halford
Good Intentions by Alexis Croyle, Rudy Croyle
Gorgeous George by Steve LaMontagne
Gracie's Boys by Martin Holloway
Grilled Cheese Virgin by Steven Arvanites
Guinea Pigs by Mitch Morrison, Tom Wheeler
Harry And Zane by Jeffrey Jay
Hart Crane by David Kaneen
Hat Trick by Robert Gately
Head Trip by Craig Phillips
Headhunted by Ve-Jane Duong
Hellhole by Curtis Burdick, Scott Burdick
Her Swastika Sword by Christopher Canole
High Priestess by Gene Chepovetsky
Home Fear by Vincent Szopa
I'll Die Tomorrow by John J. Maffucci
It's A God Thing by Mark Littleton
Jack And Chip by Robert Bronstein
Jersey Devil by Anthony Tavares, Timothy Cook
Jim Reaper by Patrick Andrew O'Connor
Joanna's Regret by Arnold Edwards
Just Power by Rodney Norris
Kheng Kheng Crocodile by Donna Lisa
Killing Time by Larry Whatcott
King's Heart by Svilen Kamburov
Lady of the Lantern by James A. Castagno
Life Sentence by Lynne Logan
Lighthouse Storm by Kyle Patrick Johnson
Love Lawyers by Kevin Schmadeka
Love Me Dead by Alexis Croyle, Rudy Croyle
Lucas & Liam by Philip Strong
Macau Twilight by Tony Shyu
Making Abby Independent by Sylvia Cary
Man On The Moon by Dave Qualey
Marooned by Marc McCutcheon
Marry Me! by Daniel Korb
Mary Mabel by Elizabeth Graham
Men's Room by Thomas E. Charles
Michelangelo by Lorelei Armstrong
Morph Trouble by Richard Hohenrath
Multiple Crime Scenes by Bob Reynolds
My Alien Boss by Tim McSmythurs
Mystery Shopper by Curtis Burdick, Scott Burdick
Of Kings and Concubines by Ronald L. Ecker
Out of Humanity's Reach by Nicholas Walsh
Pitch Out by Michelle Muldoon
Praetorian Guard by Richard Nguyen-Marshall
Rail Yard by David A. Campbell
Reflection by Dennis Shutty
Republic Day by Tom Stell
Roman America by Louie Elias
Running Gun by Mike Bencivenga
S.B. 257 by Robert Bronstein
Secrets of the Lost Patrol by Curtis Burdick, Scott Burdick
Senior Porn by Marguerite A. Fair-Kosciewicz
Shining Light by M. Guy McDouall
Shrink Wrapped by David Horwitz
SK Hero by Rick Bourn
Stanker & Leasure by Bryce Hammons
Stillwater by David Chapman, Harold Chapman
Storm Crashers by Rich Wickliffe
Stove By A Whale by Eric Nuss
Stray by Nena Eskridge
String Theory by James E. Brooks
Stuffed by Donald Lorincz
Summer's Treasure by Larry M. Hedaa
Temporary Hardcore by Todd M Denis
The Bike by Justin O'Connor
The Celtic Knot by Louise Luster
The Christmas Mine by Chris Sorensen
The Clutch by Marc Gold, Seth Gold
The Day My Dogs Became Men by Charlcee Davis
The Deserter by Herman M. Weisman
The Designated Somebody by Joyce Tyler
The Devil His Due by Richard Faymonville
The Devil's Club by William Miller
The Devil's Right Hand by Steven Brooks
The Good Samaritan by Bill Flannigan, William Flannigan
The Great Plot by Sydell M. Strong
The Knuckleballer by Michael L. Murphy
The Merger by Patrick Carr
The Michigan Assassin by Chuck Monzo
The Nutcracker by Connie Tonsgard
The Postmistress And The Ancient Wall by Robert Bronstein
The Price Of Vengeance by Patrick Hoeft
The Signers by Deana Costner
The Sleeping Deep by Jeffrey Blake Palmer
The Spare by Sherry Verdel
The Stars Behind the Fog by James Antonini
The Suspect Assassin by Sultan Stover
The Swing King by Eric W. Carlson
The Ugly Princess by Henderson Smith
The Voice Of God by Larry Maness
There Once Was a Spy by Juha Niesniemi
Though Heaven May Fall by Andrea Cunning
Timeless Baggage by Barbara Albers Jackson
True North by Eric W. Carlson
Type Cast by Karen Welsh
Unforgiveable by Will Sabel Courtney
Upgrade by Louis Rosenberg
Vulgar Magic by Rob Rinow

Updated: 01/06/2009

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