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Filmmakers Announces First Round Qualifiers has announced the First Round Qualifiers in the 2013 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Screenplay Contest.

CATEGORY 1: Action/Adventure; Thriller/Horror/Supernatural; Sci-Fi; Animation/Fantasy; Mystery/Suspense (in alphabetical order)

(untitled) #2112 by CD Mathews
64 by Matthew Corbit
A Chance of Dark by Penny Romero
A Choice of Exits by Oisin Crawley
A Devils of Silence by Mattie Diaz
A Tiger's Tale by John G Culton
ABYSS ABABA: Devolution by Brian Kufawatamba
Across The Divide by Dennis O'Flyng
Against Your Own by Mary and Jennifer Woodson
Airtight by Charles Dorsen
Alien Attraction by Bas Oversteegen
American Superhero by Patrick Temple-West
Anaximache by Thomas Abrahamson
Apparition by Roi Costa
Archangel by Michalis Mavromichalis
Athena the Bad Men and Ben by Bryan Levitt
Balakhistan by Donald Fried
BEFORE THE STORM by Robert Pitts
Blasts Over Beantown by Barrett Elliott
Brain Transport by D. L. Stein
Burning Willow by Terry Briggs
Cadence by Eugene Williams
Call Me, Joker by Billy Evans
Cell Block 9 by Justin Powell
Cheat the Devil by Greg Viggiano

Children of the Stars by Patty Greene
Chippies by Patrick k. Gamble & Patrick J Gamble
Chromosome 21 by Maryann Beckman
Committed by Jeff Sussman
Corporate Zombies by Brett Wean
Cracked Visions by Rene Brown
Crazy He Calls Me by Edward Balli
Dangerous Times by Mamie Page
Dark Days by Jodie Jones
Days of Vengeance by Peter Groth
Death of Man by Enrique Guerrero
Degenerates Around by Pete Dennis
Destiny of Emerald by Josh Miles
Devil's Valley Justice by Harold Brown
DIME by Kyle Jennings
DIRT TO DUST by Josh C Fry
Dispossessed by Roi Costa
Double Game by baqar hasnain
Dragon of Shards by Traci Abbott
Due Process by Shaun Raad
Each Courage by Carolyn Knight
Earth Aliens by Michael Casey
Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait by Stephen M. Hunt
Elemental Abyss by Kelvin Mathis
Elephant Girls by Yen-Chiao Huang

Evangelina by Tamara Gross
FLYUNDER COUNTRY by James G. Edwards
Food for an Astronaut by LaTasha Miller
Frozen Eye by Tami Jordan
Gates by Gregory Luckett
godbodies by Roi Costa
Gone Again by Quinton Lowe
Gun Twenty-One by Michael Hahn
Hearing Voices by Charles Laulette
How Jim Spent His Winnings by Jason Swanson
HOW TO KILL A WITCH by Martin Bartlett
I Love Playing With Fire by Diana Posner
I will be king by David Bellini
In Utero by Hugo Kerbrat
Jolly Kryzmooz by Ken Robb
Killswitch by chris phillips
Kore by Oksana Yakushko
Lake Toby by Raymond Kwok
Lee and Li by Richard Geiwitz
Light Shadow by Michael Walker
LOST CAUSE by David J Schroeder
Lovely Predator by Simon Aguilar
Lucidus by Hong Juei Tan
Lulu's Alien Adventure by Paul Ericson
Luther's Gang by Massimiliano Mauceri
Magic in the Destiny by Gloria Duncan

Mass Exodus by Shaun Delliskave
Mutant Wizards by John ORiley
My Assassin by Tonya J. Roberts
MYTHOMANIA by Howard Fridkin and Tom McCurrie
Nano by Piotr Ryczko
Navy One by Pedro Vasquez
New Earth by John ORiley
Night Falls on Olympus by Christopher O'Rourke
No One Asked to Dance by Virginia R. Mouch
Not In It For The Money by Robert People
Nothing in the Search by Albert Cohen
Obsessed Voyagers by Derrick Harris
Off Duty by Alfonso Larson
Ohio Finch by Chad Parsons & Wolfgang Bauer
ON TARGET by Keith Russell
Orbs by Justin Hawkins
Overpass by donald herion
Pandora's Box by Doug Brode
Personality Disordered by Michael Pica & Tanya Gluzerman
Phil by Thomas Sturm
Planet's Servant by Norma Salazar
Prince of Secrets by Edgar Wagner
Psyche and Eros by Oksana Yakushko
Quills! by Noelle Nelson
Ravaged Door by Isaac Parsons

Raven Nichols by Heather Ostrove
Requiem by Irene Suver
Romeo and Juliet from Future by Tereza Kontova
Ruthless by Jacob Emery
Sand's Edge by Marlene Buchanan
SAVE THEM by Harlan Smookler
Sedan De Villain Script by Bryan Levitt
Serpent of Illusion by Julie Massey
Shards in the Alien by Ada Griffith
Shift by Jim Jackson
Shroud of Mystery by Tamara Gross
Silent Rescue by Todd Sorrell
Silver Weeping by Allan Rodriquez
Sink and Float by Lena Hopkins
Sir Guinevere by Dana Cowden
Sisterhood Among Men by Laverne Bowen
Soaring in the Star by Moses Davis
Space Exploration by Terry Brimhall
Spark by Patrick Black
Stone of Slave by Martha Mendoza
Terra Alpha One by Neil Chase
The Alliance by Francis Jay
The Annihilation by Michael Winfield
The Austrian Anti-Bellum by Chris Tolley
The Beast of Marble Canyon by Lyle LaRochelle
The Bet by Jason Swanson

the black grail by Keith Russell
The Black Moon by Bert Cummings
The Blind Leads by Garry Wilkins
The Bunny by Sara Kothay
The Company by Aleix Salvans
The Death of the Servants by Kellie Cole
The Diamond Dragon by Lydia Wood
The Doctor and the Demon by Luke Morgan
The Door's Pleasure by Sam Smith
The Dwellers by Brian White
The Floating Princess by Lyvia A Martinez
The Forgotten by Angel Pierce
The Forgotten Spirits by Ruby Carlson
The Frequency Check by Steve Kaleff
The Frozen Edge by Rhonda Alvarez
The Great Makeover by JOHN EDWARD FLYNT
The Grey Consort by Randal Gonzalez
The Heart of the Soul by Mona Yates
The Hunger by Bryan Ott
The Hunter's Moon by Lyle LaRochelle
The Hunter's Road by John G Culton
The Hybrid by Norman Talbot
The Imaginator by Akiva Penaloza, Andrew Borses
The Irish Question by Colin Carroll
The Itinerants by Tendai R Mhlanga

The Jewel of Africa by John G Culton
The Job Offer by Massimiliano Mauceri
The Last Pendragon by Elliott O Patzkowsky
The Magic Kingdom by Michael Smith
The Mayfair Detective Agency by Oksana Yakushko
The Minstrel by Todd Sorrell
The Morning Kiss by Edward Mcgee
The Morning Kiss by Lynn Torres
The Next Healer by Barry Cunningham
The Ordained by Cash Briscoe
The Prized Lord by Cora Poole
The Queen's Mark by John G Culton
The Retirement Plan by Steven Prowse
The Rookie Knight by Jodie Jones
The Rose Tree by Angela Berliner
The Secrets of the Bride by Brittany Hanson
The Seventh Touch by Malcolm Pope
The Sidekick by Brett Wean
The Silver Rock by Rufus West
The Soaring's Consort by Judith Greer
The Splintered Ships by Chris Watts
The Tale of a Hunter by Brooke Harmon
The Tapestry by Steven Prowse
The Third Son by Antonio Ballard

The Time Bubble by Craig Gusmann
The Truth's Blade by Randolph Watson
The Unwilling by Abel Warner
The USSR Maid by Brent Cannon
The Way Of The Dodo by Dennis G. Goza
The Wind of the Ice by Luz Roberson
There is a Season by Stuart Creque
There's Something Wrong at Misty Hills by Peter Dimako
Thieves of Cry by Ben Wong
THROB by K. Ray
Travelling Guard by Ignacio Douglas
Tunnels by Steven Lipkin
Unbrushed by Glenn Acosta
Voyager of End by Ronald Manning
Want by SEGUIN Marc
Watchdog Woman by Chris and Rock Ramlochan
Waves of Hunter by Jimmie Bass
Weeping Healing by Julio Hayes
Werewolves on Wheels by Brett Wean
Wild Mind 1 teleplay by FUJIO TORIKAI
Witche's Brew by Natalie Hanson & Mary Hanson
With Consent by Ted Banks
Within These Walls, The Angela Davis Story by Phillip Hardy
Zelonia, Part 1 - The Fall of Man by Christian V Hur

CATEGORY 2: Drama (in alphabetical order)

A Fallen Warrior by Michael Bevins
A Noble Truth by Jonathan Szatkowski
A Place by the Fire by Pat Turman
A Vision of Angels by Timothy J Smith
AJA by David Markiewicz
All for Seed Money by Sherry Cortez
All God's Children by Natalie Hanson & Mary Hanson
Angelfish by Jenna Horn
Anger Pain by Francis Saunders
Anne Bonny: A Pirate's Life by Karen Lothan
Ashley by C.A. Garvey
Aurora by Amber Karlins
Blue Fugates by Amy Montgomery
Call me Shine by Pedro Canais
Caring for Christa by Matthew Grande
Catching Jo by Kevin Keating
Charlie by Lacey Morris
Cutting Numbers by Morgan von Ancken
Deep Black Sea by Thelma Lee

Dellwood by Jonathan Szatkowski
Destination: 1600 by Robert People
Distorted Persona by Candice Dixon
Divergence by Thomas Keroglidis
Diving Into The Wreck by Srdjan Smajic
Donna Rose - Queen of Hearts by James David Sullivan
Don't Ask Questions by LaVada Diehl
Dream Dying by Roy Vega
Drink the Pink Wine by Garrett Wade
Drinking With Don by Elijah Cross
Every Town Needs a Russian Tea Room by Nicolas Tolkien & Anne Steinerg
Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan
Flip by Mattie Glover
Fool's Oil by Carl Stephens
FOR LATER TIMES by Miguel J. Ramirez
Fortunate Son by Anthony Bosco
Four Days In May by Beth Shaughnessy
Gamers by Lawrence Kessenich
Glorious Revolution by Con Kringas

Good Ship by Romeo Brooks
GRACE by Jeffrey A. Russel
GRACE by Lynda Lemberg
Heaven Falls by Jaime James
Her Hidden Agenda by Ian Morris
Hold My Hand by Conor Walsh
Holding on When It's Over by Guillermo Larson
HOM 3-13 by Richard Opper
How They Laughed At Her by Ramona Buchanan
How to Be a Good Christian by Mark Kalriess
How to Be a Good Christian by Mark Kalriess
In Jade Moonlight by Craig Stewart
Infidelity of a Modern-Day Pilgrim by Zbigniew M. Wozny
Insane Living by Frances Ford
It's a Mad House by Claire Holt
Jacob's Crossing by James Leslie
Jump by Patrick Tobin
Justice For One by Gregg Phelps
Kill Yourself For Me by Vojin Vasovic
Learning to Drive by Linda Manning

Leaving Paradise by Santiago Brady
LITTLE TOKYO by Corey Mitchel
Living With My Father by Joshua Perez
Lost in the World by Urbano Steriti Jr.
LOVE IN TIME by Tony Scott
Loving a Stranger by Edith Santiago
Maja by Mariusz Palej, Katarzyna Gacek-Stachowicz, Magdalena Niec
Meadow Falls by Joe Tuffy Tofuri
Mechanical Man by Oksana Yakushko
Medusa - The Cape Cod Story by Zbigniew M. Wozny
Million Mile Mark by Rob Artigo
Mirdad A Lighthouse And A Haven by Roberto Rezende Junqueira
MODERN LOVE by Greg McIntosh
Mosquito Bites by Angela Berliner
My Brother's Keeper by Timothy Clay
My Life Changing Experience by Tanya Powell
My Luv by Deborah Wolfe
Narcosis by James Hsiao
NOAA's Ark by Bill Whalen
OBSESSION by John Benton

Of Punks And Posers by Kyra Nicole Rogers
Ohio Finch by Chad Parsons
Opur's Blade (no title page) by James Ross
Original Sin by Charles Laulette
Parelli - Two Souls Of Mine by Jo Danieli
Pastures of Fiery Passion and Madness by Troy Laack
PINKY by Miguel Ali
Play by Dustin Grinnell
Religion Of Luck by Janyce Lapore
Rumors Aside by Pete Dorogoff
Say My Name! by Sara Mckenzie
Search and the Secret War by Joseph Stringfield & Nolan Stringfield
Season of Change by Charles Laulette
Self Evidence Key by Jacqueline Leonardo Mosqueda
SHE'S NOT HERE by Molly McAlpine
Sleepwalking Trial by Cameron Bryan
South Alameda by Steve Kaleff
Sunlight by Desiree Nordlund
Swim At Your Own Risk by Scott Burgess

Tears Of Eternity by John M Pearson
Teatro by Jared Astrinos
The Alien List by Dianna Mills
The Big Jackpot by Robin Lyons
The Blame Game by Earl Hamilton
The Book of Life by Peter Groth
The Brakeman by Geoff Wood
The Comeback by Chase Brogan
The Dearly Beloved by James DiLuzio
The Earth Below by Mary Ann Watson
THE EXILE by Gustavo A. Garzon
The Immortal by Marcio s de almeida
The jump Snow Leopard by Alice Kreyman
The last attempt by Halina Novikava
The Line by Thomas Sturm
THE LOST TSAR by James Rosenfield
The Magic of George by Kevin Shah
The Path Above the Blackwell by Tina Douglas
The Path Home by Suzanne Gibson
The President's Journal by Karen Soto

The Quantum Radio by Suzuki Honoh
The Reason by Robert Christian Frostholm
The red road by mathieu saliva
The Spirit of the Team by Harvey Malone
The Swan Queen Meets The Radical Faerie by Frank Canino
These Kids Are Dangerous by James David Sullivan
Too Good to be Happy by HYESEONG LEE
Traitor by Max Wyman
Un train pour Florence by Pascal Monnin
Unhappy Thoughts by Isabel Gilbert
Unsafe Journey by Megan Watts
Vision Quest by Brian Erwin
WALK-OUT by Mick Kennedy
Where Football is King by Douglas R. Myers
WHISPERER by Karl Heinrich
WING IT SHE SAYS by Shannon Pierce
Wish You Were Here by Christine Utterberg
Yellow Dragon and the Red Fox - NCP by Anthony Etherington

CATEGORY 3: Comedy (in alphabetical order)

A Christmas Break by Keith Strausbaugh
Acceptable Terms by Megan Watts
Airtime! 1985 by David Britz
All of Lucy's Lovers by Danijel Gujic
American Honey by Steve Dent
Andy: The Chronicles Of A Real Superhero by Marko Gregurek
APOLLO SLEPT HERE by James Rosenfield
Barbara and Tate by Andres Maxwell
Bella Frederick by Samuel Sherman
Bun in the Oven by Charlene Rivera
C MEL CRY by Ann Jackson
Charming April by Everett Peters
COOL SHOES by Loren Goodman
Desperately Seeking Madonna by Joshua Koffman
Dine Out by Anne Bishop
Doctor Finglestein by Rex Stone
Drake 99 by Donna Castro
Drinking In Church by Kieran Angelini
El dorado gold by Chris Hammer & Mariana Nassif

Evelyn and Eddie by Gary Wallach
EYES ON HER BACK by Betty Fletcher
Father, Son & Holy Moses! by Mitch Emoff
Flippers by Jo Danieli
Floating on Oil by Ethel Smith
GAME CRUSH by Hamilton Mitchell
Game On by Hamilton Mitchell
Guide 2 Parents by Tony Scott
Halcyon Days by Dan Moriarty
Half Of Nothing by Yannick Teijken & Brendan Gore
Hat Trick by Robert Gately
Here Lies, Sorrow by Peter Templeman
Holly and Johnny Wood Get Married by Lucille Murray
Holy Mackerel by Glenda Ganis
How to Become a Pearl by Lyvia A Martinez
In Lust We Trust by Wallace French
Indelible by Alison Martin & Kathlene McGovern
Irish Grudge by Leslie Flannery
Ironwood by James Valko

Jacob's Jewels by Richard Geiwitz
Just Like You by Daarek Szeto and Andrew Hickson
Kuirky by Tori Piskin
Lake by the Forest by Hazel Jimenez
Lapin by Brad Van Grack
LEAH, LIGHT AND SOUND by Richard Martin Hirsch
Living Is So Easy by Austin Schultz
Love Dot Com by Samuel Smith
LOVEBAND by Nicola Pedrozzi
Male Order Heroine by Marie Prokopets
Mary's Jackpot by Ida Solnoh
Missing Sydney by Ross Carey & Evan Shaw
Mistress Mom by Tony Scott
Morning Sunshine by Meghan Boyd
Morph by Jake Carson
MY CELL MY FAMILY by Lula Fisher
My Little Sister by Otis Griffin
My Turn by Lynn Cannon
NICE GUYS by Mark Samuel
Nom Nom Nom by Zachary Goldbaum

One Strike and You're Out! by Wendell Walters
Orange Bicycle by Priscilla Turner
Pinky Swear by John ORiley
Poor Freddie's by B. Rhodes Tyson
RAGS by Alice Noble
Returning Stanley by Patrick Bonner
SIMPLE MIX by Agnes Bass
Slick Dick by Tiffany Gray
Slip and Slide by Lois Spencer
Stat Dad by Charles Laulette
State of Rest by Vanessa Ingram
Sucker Slap by Guadalupe Gross
Sue You by Letitia McQuade
Superheroine and Her Father by Tereza Kontova
Swan Ocean by Susan Ramirez
Texas Famine by Erma Peterson
The Dream Cast by Lucia Ruiz
The Entrepreneur by Carey Watkins
The Family Name by David Tenenbaum
The French Detective by Lindsey Craig
The Gurgitator by David Klein

The Long Red Nose by Nelson Parsons
The Mating Games by Joel Nelson
The Navigator by Carey Watkins
The Sweet Crusty Cake by Jesus Bowers
The Target on the Left by Cedric Waters
The Train to Memphis by Robyn Colon
The Wandering Jew by Walter Kostrikin
THE WAY by John Benton
The Way Of The Dodo by Dennis G. Goza
The White House Fix by Cody Brown
There's a Storm Coming by Jeffrey Radlauer
Time And Space by Steven Prowse
Tom Scores by Miriam Barton
Trust, Lust, Change, Anger and On-Line Shopping by Michael Flores
Twelves' Steps to Liberty by Charles Laulette
Two Dudes in Africa by David Bugay
Unhooking by Scott Aiman
Waltz Across Texas by John G Culton
Wanting and Waiting by Amy Riley
Who's Killing the Children of Hollywood by Richard Geiwitz
Wish You Were Here by Austin Kase
Your Face Here by Casey Maxwell

Updated: 10/28/2013
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Additional Contest Info: The 17th Annual FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards

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