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StoryPros Awards Names Contest Finalists

Finalists have been announced for the 10th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest. Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 15th.

Across The Divide Dennis O'Flyng
Blind Pursuit Debi Yazbeck
Long Time Gone Lonas Taylor
Rational Panic Robert Rhyne
Run & Gun Cody Glenn
Shaken Loose Carolyn Childers
The Land Above Bruce Dundore
The Lilith Code Wendy Wheeler
The Poacher Travis Opgenorth
Time Zero Carlo Carere, Erin Muir
Bad Ass Undercover Teacher Eric Dunning
Larp Life Mark Hertzler
Leaving Winsome Sherry Engle
Man Of Action Esther Geller
Shady Birch Nichole Kanney
Speak English Kieran Angelini
The Murphy Bed Martin Gomez
The Time Of Your Life Robert Stork
Touch The Fire Kevin Karp
Within The Walls Eric Bachmann
A Father's Son Michael Harriel
Bella And The Bear Nicholas Clifford
Burner Bob Canning
Crayons Michael Angelo Colgan
Crime School James Klein
Fireflies Amanda Keener
Martyr Scott Pittock
Post Script Ariadne Shaffer
Sophie & Valentina Lucy Luna
The Man with a Knife Pamela Wess
Christmas Village Junction David Hill
Closer Than Love Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel
Dogbiskit: The Fastest Mutt In History Christopher Sansone
Foxed James Stewart
Patchwork Amanda Keener
Spell Check Kevin Truglio
Square Doug Ingold
The Joyrider Kirk Davis
The Wraith Of Mrs. McGuire George Petersen
Wishful Thinking Alex Klein
A Ghost Chant Ramon Olivo
Beast of Virginia Matthew Corley
Black Magic Clint Mathewson
Children of Pan Ricardo Uhagon Vivas, Candela Echenique
Emergence Dustin Campbell
MoonWalker Joe Becker
Not From The Grave Tim Knowles
The Apocalypse Chronicles Nathan Ludwig
The Cunning Man Wendy Wheeler
The Tank Brent Hartinger

Updated: 06/10/2017
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