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Scriptapalooza Announces Semifinalists

Scriptapalooza has named their 2017 Screenplay Contest Semifinalists:

2-12 Delta by David Brichetto
Aftermath by Nguyen Nguyen
America's Most Wasted by Rex Perez & Sam Skillz
American by Simon Heller
Bet Your Death by Dominic Wieneke
Broken Chain by Jonathan Clancy
Carbon Police by Guy Bicke
Cargo by Chris Aronsten & Robert Herbert
Chances by Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt
Chopper Cowboys by Jeff Peters
Chronicles of a Cigar Store Indian by Scott Hartman
Consumed by Don Stroud
Delta by Peter Zhou
Delta Dog by Anthony Dionisio
Erotomania by Joe Hurst
Escape From Freedom by Murat Yeszhan
Everest by Curtis Merritt
Every Horizon Beyond by Henry Tranton
Family Practice by Rembrandt VanDruff
Forget and Forgive by Gregory Mulligan
Freedom Fort by Clint Williams
Freedom in a Bullet by Brian Nolin
Ghosttown by Rafael Bolliger
God Sent by Aprille Anderson
Green Seekers by Luciano de Lima
Hello Love by James Tapp
Hemophilia by Guy Polin
How The Genetti Brothers Invented Hollywood by Jeff Pulice
Jack Scratch by Cody Glenn
Jackalope by Steven Lankenau
Kevin Christ by Robert Lundgren
Liquor by Daniel & Alexandra Edgeworth
Little Bird by Julie Wittrock
Locksmiths by James Kwon Lee
Love's Free Will by Amanda Samaroo
LP by Zachary Taylor
Maggie Rocks by Guy Polin
Manifest Destiny by Justin Zorn
Michelangelo Machine by Micheal McGee
Mika by Kevin Foong
Misremembrance by Daniel Hess
Mummy's Boy by Stewart McDonald
My Capone Summer by Steven Hakeman
My Son Sam by Michael Droberg
My Superhero Brother by Elizabeth Preston
No Filter by Amanda Miess & David Miess
Not Made in America by Nick Girish
Off Peak by Eric Shahinian
Oh Mists, My Mists by Guilherme Viegas
P.O. Box 1142 by Lillian Wang
Pop by Young-Sun Kim
Portcullis by Eveline Powell
Prodigal Brother by Courtney Iseman
Pump Monkey by John Foley
Reckless by Donna Moynan
Reflections by Lori Howell, Kathy Krantz Stewart & Steph Kimmel
Road Test by Trevor Markwart
Runaway Kids by Luis Ortiz & Tsunami Ortiz
Shooting Manson by Ron Pivo & Kevin Courtney
Smoke & Mirrors by Brian Uriel Diaz
Sneak Peek by Robert Marin
Spirit Lake by Alison Macinnis
Spree by Laura Allen
Stealing Poseidon by Jeff Zampino
Strange Rain by Chris Bell
Strings by Richard Roth
Takedowns by Elena Pax & Kaitlyn Pax
That's A Really Nice Urn by Greg Wayne
The Boy From the Sea by John Woodard
The Changer by Joe Gordon
The Compton Thrill Ride by Martin Bartlett
The Corner Office by Kieran Lynn
The Emissary by Ronald Pergola
The God Machine by Michael Bowler
The Henry Manor Incident by Denise Williams
The Honeymoon Game by Daniel Gentile
The Lean by Pearse Lehane
The Mary Jane Girls by Heidi Kozak Haddad
The New Yorker by Jennifer Keitt
The Other Boys of Summer by C. Craig Patterson
The Regulars by Devon Colwell
The Renovator's Dream by Richard Vilensky
The Road to Hannah by Ann Goldman
The Run by Christopher Halligan
The Savage by Christopher Yeazel
The Terrorist by R. Paul
The Tragic Life of Dexter Strange by Sophie Dawson
The Traveler by Jameel Saleem
The Witness by Chris Corbett
Those Who Hear by Jerome Velinsky
Torch by Madison Malysheva
Universal Monster by Constantine Nasr
Voyage by Amit Gottlib
What Rough Beast by Kranti Pally
White Rabbit by Karunasagar Sridharan
Zero Hundred by Bernie Felix Jr.

Updated: 08/08/2017
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