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2017 Contest of Contest Winner and Finalist Screenplay Loglines

1st Place Winner:
by Michael Angelo Colgan
Trying to escape painful memories, a lonely accountant obsessively colors in children's coloring books, but his day-to-day struggle to overcome the past could cost him his life.
{Qualifying Contest: StoryPros 2017; 1st Place Drama}

2nd Place Winner:
by Clayton Rye
A rural community is terrorized by an outrageous white supremacist who is trying to impress a Neo-Nazi group, but an aging black Vietnam vet leads a wondrous group of backwoods friends and family to save the day.
{Qualifying Contest: StoryPros 2015; Finalist}

(listed in alphabetical order, by script title)

by Brian Gerber
Three astronauts on the moon witness the destruction of earth from the impact of a newly-discovered asteroid, leading to life-and-death decisions when lights from what might well be an alien spacecraft appear.
{Qualifying Contest: World Series of Screenwriting 2016; Silver }

by Russ Meyer
When the enormous express escalator at a newly-opened Medieval Castle-themed shopping mall malfunctions and threatens to send panicked shoppers plunging into an alligator-filled moat, a group of misfit firefighters race to the rescue, intensifying the chaos.
{Qualifying Contest: Action on Film 2014; Finalist-Comedy Feature, Dialogue Feature)

by Ian Bosner
The police are convinced that it was an accident, but Susan Taylor believes her husband was murdered and embarks upon a quest to find his killers and his illegitimate child.
{Qualifying Contest: StoryPros 2014; Semi-Finalist}

The Last Priestess of Avalon
by Megan Williams
A priestess of Avalon struggles to preserve her community's traditions of healing and unity against the powers of the King and a Bishop of the newly emerging Christian Church, who want to destroy the ancient rituals and take for themselves the Holy Grail, with all its magic and power.
{Qualifying Contest: Scriptapalooza Fellowship 2017; 12 Recommended Writers}

Post Script
by Ariadne Shaffer
A 70-something grandma gets a second chance at love with the man she has held a 50-year grudge against. But when she learns that he's dying, she must decide if she can handle yet another painful disappointment.
{Qualifying Contest: StoryPros 2017, Finalist}

Sideways Down the Sky
by Barry Brennessel
Two Japanese men find love when an elderly Japanese artist hires them to embody the love he lost when the atomic bomb obliterated Nagasaki, but aspirations and addiction threaten to keep the lovers apart.
{Qualifying Contest: Rhode Island International Film Festival 2017; Grand Prize}

Somewhere South Dakota
by Theresa Giese
A big city divorce attorney has to chose between the woman he loves and the dream he never knew he had.
{Qualifying Contest: WorldFest-Houston 2017; Silver Remi}

The Wonder
by George M. Johnson
An ambitious Edwardian journalist saves an uncannily precocious child from drowning, and the boy's theory of life threatens authorities--particularly the local rector-and eventually the journalist's own sanity.
{Qualifying Contest: British Independent Film Festival 2012; Finalist}

Updated: 10/02/2017
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