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Austin Fest Announces Script Competition Finalists

The Austin Film Festival has announce their 2017 Script Competition Finalists. Fifty-six scripts were chosen for the Final Round with one winner to be determined in each of the 13 categories.

Out of this year's group of Finalist scripts, international entries include writers from Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, and Sweden. The winners will be announced during this year's Conference at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday, October 28 at the Austin Club.

Winners will receive cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, reimbursements for travel and lodging while at AFF, and access to and recognition by some of the most important writers, agents, producers and filmmakers in the industry. In addition, this year's winner of the Drama category will receive a 2 – 3 week residency in Marfa, Texas through the Capri Fellowship which hopes to provide a place where writers can find their voice and tell the stories they want to tell.

2017 FINALISTS (listed by category and alphabetically by title):

Presented by Sony Pictures Animation

A Chris-Miscue by Gregory Harty
Hal Hitler by Aaron Kozak
The Olympian by Troy Anthony Miller
Rebecca and Quinn Get Scared by Cylin Busby & Nanci Katz
Walking On the Moon by Katie Golden

Presented by Writers Guild of America, East

Bait by Jamie Ruddy
Brokenhearted by Caroline Hopkins
Oil and Water by Alfred Thomas Catalfo & Morgan Webster Dudley
The Olive Tree by Marie Maroun
The Return of Stevie Diamond by Mike Million
Skin in the Game by Rolf Potts

For feature scripts in all genres with an original concept and distinctive voice that can be produced for under $10 million. The production company was founded by Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr.

Aleppo by Robert Dantas
Apacheria by Andrew Reuland & Joey Grossfield
Dead Drunk & Naked by David Scott Martin
Mile 42 by John P. Dowgin
On the Road to Nowhere by David Margolis

Presented by Skybound Entertainment
Open to science fiction, fantasy, horror, surrealism, myth/legend and fantastical storytelling. The multiplatform entertainment company was founded by Robert Kirkman and David Alpert.

Bristol by David A. Flores
Every Horizon Beyond by Henry Tranton
Real Time by Robert Cholette
World War Geek by John Morning

Open to thrillers, dark suspense, sci-fi, and macabre themes.

Dru Hill Rising by Mark Landry, Ace Norton, & Emile Hirsch
Empty Glory by David Calbert
Family Photos by Chad Harris
Last Night in Town by Blake Hawk
Snowblind by Dan Maurer

All Finalists were reviewed exclusively by AMC who will determine the eventual Winner.

4-F: Operation Underworld by Greg Beck
Breakfield by Caitlin Schneiderhan
End of Life by Sean Collins-Smith
The Golden Cage by Oskar Nordmark
Homeless in Palo Alto by Aiyana White


The Big D by Jill Taylor
Fucking Robots by Emily McGregor & Sam Weller
Honkies and Homies by Ondine Rarey
Houston's Finest by Kim Tran
Misspelled by Matt Corluka


Better Call Saul: Perdio by Shawn Dwyer
Black Mirror: Punchbag by Steven Snell
House of Cards: Chapter 53 by Annakate Chappell


Atlanta: Ice Ice Baby by Eunice Park
Black-ish: Indigen-ish by Derek Asaff
You're the Worst: Antiversary by Cara Brown


The Chocolate Kandinsky by Suzanne Griffin
Healing Matters by Nir Shelter
Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams) by Michael Rowney
Ringneck by Michael Allcock
The Silent Waltz by Sharon Rapose

Presented by Stage 13

Lo: The New Adventures of Ultimate Man's Ex-Girlfriend by Tom Ciaccio
The Range by Adam Groff
The Spins by Tim Zientek

Underwritten by Sweetwood Creative

The Burdens by Matt Schatz
Miki by Weiko Lin
Signature Photo by Michael Bucklin

Presented by Public Radio International

The Amelia Project by Philip Thorne & Oystein Brager
How to Build a Fire by Kat Sandler
The Mystery of Easter Island by Justin Glanville
Target by Jenny Elder-Moke

All of this year's Finalist and Semifinalist scripts will be available to read at the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel in the Cloak Room during the hours of the Conference. To request a copy of this year's Producers Book containing loglines and contact information for this year's Finalist and Semifinalist scripts, please contact

Updated: 10/11/2017
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