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Story Pros International Names Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 2017 StoryPros International Screenplay Competition:

3D At The Palace

Kent Wilson

A Better Place

Katterina Powers

A Grand Obsession

Roxanne Andorfer


Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat

All That Glitters

Michael Bierman

American Heroes

Michael T. Miller

American Myths of Black & White

Aaron Yarber

American Saviors

Randy DeSoto

Angeles Bay

Jerry Earl Brown


Billie Harris

Ashes To Ashes

Roberto Negron

Autumn Comes Tomorrow

Hal Harris

Badlands Bully

Nick Davis


Brian Gerber

Binary Code

Philip Sedgwick

Black Jack

Stephen Curran

Blade, Blood, Bullets & Babes

Patrick Thompson

Blood Moth

William Gammon


Boim Hwang

Broken Spirits

Elizabeth A. Allen

By The Sword

Philip Sedgwick


David Kurtz

Choke Job

David Dell Johnson

Coffins & Chrysanthemums

Michael Bierman

Comic Book Kings

Amanda Keener


Anat Golan

Cosmic Justice

David Carren, Richard Gould


Atul Sharma

Darryn The Bold

Justin Best

Dead On The Inside

Selene Raffel

Deep Water Blues

Richard Guimond

Echoes Of A Promise

Stewart Lindh

Exit Permit

Nektarios Chrissos


Amanda Keener

For Elise

William Gammon


Brent Hartinger

Fugue State

Rob Wilson

Ghost Writer

William Gammon

God Willing

Fernando Chavez

Gods And Guns

Ken Floyd

Grace Note

Kara Emily Krantz

Grant's Cross

Ernestina Juarez

Hell Night In LA

Sojean Peou


Amechi Ngwe, Nnamdi Ngwe

Hollow Earth Quest

Kathy Krantz Stewart, Danny Weiss

If You Walk Away

Scott A. Aiman

In The Summertime

Toby Roberts


F. Scott Mudgett


Mark J. Rose

Juror 77819

Jamee Decio

Killing Heydrich

Michael Bierman, Anthony J. Mather

Land That We Love

Julian Renner

Leaving Town

Stephen Curran

Lillie And Millie

Chynna Moore

Long John Silver

Brian Gabriel

Luckmaster's Next Song

Alan Howcroft


Douglas Charles Macleod


Rudy Gray


Mark J. Rose


Bridget Bell McMahon

Mona Lisa Caper

Gina Cresse

Moon From Dry Water

Hal Harris


Michael Bierman

No Buddy's Perfect

Alex Klein

Old West

Amechi Ngwe, Nnamdi Ngwe

Out Of The Woods

Sharon Heller


Amanda Keener


Clayton Rye

Pete Simon - Agent of God

Mitch Emoff

Phantom In Time

Douglas Charles Macleod

Play The Fool

Mark Gunnion

Potter's Ground

Pearse Lehane

Rational Panic

Robert Rhyne

Redcoats On The Hudson

Carole Ryavec

Runaway Ship

Theodore Soderberg


Michael Bierman

Saints And Poets

Richard LaPorta

Seeker of Hell

Chris Ramlochan

Senior Moment

Robert P Mangrum

Shadow Dragon

Lance Horton

Sister Terry

Mark Perlick

Sleep With Me

Carolina Bernzt

Spoon Fed

Scott LaFortune

Stray Cat Jazz

Jake Macpherson

The Boning

Hamilton Mitchell

The Courage to Meddle

Larry Anderson

The Dumbest Generation

Leslie Lyshkov

The Eidolons

Patrick Hatten

The Elephant Whisperer

Robin Trevor-Goode

The Grocer

Michael Bierman

The Lean

Pearse Lehane

The Maidservant's Cap

Jeff Opdyke

The Music Box

Stephen Curran

The Postwoman

David F. Schwartz

The Rosy Hue Of The Dying Day

Lauren Hoekstra

The Treasure of Aaron Cody

Mark Espinola

The World Around

Patrick Poff

They Grow Up

Robin Regensburg

Those We Leave Behind

Amanda Keener


Scott A. Aiman

Wartime Revelations

Carlo Bordone

West Dakota

Mark J. Rose

Whispers In The Wind

Richard Los

Wraith: Origin

Eric Obame

Wrath Of Angels

Jordan Dale

Updated: 12/02/2017
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