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2015 Scriptapalooza Runner-Up Heads to Production

2015 Runner-Up goes into production
The Flight of the Wasp, a 2015 Runner-Up, written by Andrea Brusa is being produced by Victoria Films and Ilann Girard. The script tells the story of an Italian engineer that turns down the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of designing the world's first helicopter and inspired by love, instead, decides to lift the spirits of his war-ravaged community by inventing the uniquely Italian motorbike: The Vespa.

Scriptapalooza produces short film Robb's Problem
Scriptapalooza has jumped onboard as an Executive Producer for the short film Robb's Problem written by Scriptapalooza Alumni Dianna Ippolito. This film has won Best Cinematography and Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Horror Competition.

Scriptapalooza produces short film Passage
Scriptapalooza has jumped onboard as an Executive Producer for the short film Passage. Passage stars Ellen Gerstein and tells the story of a mother and daughter who move into their grandmother's trailer and their journey takes a unscripted turn.

Foremost Films request 13 scripts
Jeff Belkin of Foremost Films has requested to read Aftermath, The Lean, Road Test, Jack Scratch, Everest, The Traveler, Universal Monster, Consumed, Shooting Manson, Chances, Family Practice, The Witness and The Changer.

Runner-Up signed by Abrams Artists
Runner-Up Jonathan Clancy who wrote Broken Chain has signed with Abrams Artists NY. Also, Smart Entertainment has optioned the script.

Beach Pictures requests 10 scripts
Patrick Smotzer of Beach Pictures has requested to read The God Machine, Mummy's Boy, Aftermath, The Renovator's Dream, Little Bird, Offpeak, The Corner Office, Those Who Hear, That's A Really Nice Urn and The Zodiac Dater.

BoulderLight Pictures request 14 scripts
Keaton Heinrichs of BoulderLight Pictures has requested to read Universal Monster, Everest, Jack Scratch, White Rabbit, Zero Hundred, The Lean, Shooting Manson, Kevin Christ, Chances, Escape From Freedom, Family Practice, The Witness, Those Who Hear and Delta Dog.

Echo Lake Entertainment requests all top 100 Semis
Kegan Schell of Echo Lake Entertainment has requested to read all the top 100 Semifinalists.

Superstition Studios request 8 scripts
Shannon Van Dorn of Superstition Studios has requested to read Shooting Manson, Chances, The Mary Jane Girls, Jack Scratch, The Tragic Life of Dexter Strange, The Corner Office, The Changer and Those Who Hear.

Smart Entertainment request 30 scripts
Travis Mauk of Smart Entertainment has requested to read The God Machine, Spirit Lake, No Filter, Road Test, Freedom in a Bullet, LP, Little Bird, Strings, The Compton Thrill Ride, Consumed, Broken Chain, Michaelangelo Machine, Racing to the Altar, Bet Your Death, My Superhero Brother, Kevin Christ, The Corner Office, Liquor, The Honeymoon Game, Locksmiths, Chances, America's Most Wasted, Stealing Poseidon, The Henry Manor Incident, Maggie Rocks, Pump Monkey, The Rough Beast, Delta Dog, Reckless and The Zodiac Dater.

Bohemia Group Originals request 6 scripts
Justin Ross of Bohemia Group Originals has requested to read Everest, The Traveler, Universal Monster, Kevin Christ, Chances and America's Most Wasted.

Victoria Films request 10 scripts
Anastasia Lukovnikova of Victoria Films has requested to read Mummy's Boy, No Filter, Road Test, White Rabbit, Forget and Forgive, Hello Love, Liquor, Stealing Poseidon, That's A Really Nice Urn and The Zodiac Dater.

Samson Pictures request 13 scripts
Erik Jorgenson of Samson Pictures has requested to read Spirit Lake, Mummy's Boy, The Renovator's Dream, Smoke and Mirrors, My Son Sam, Everest, The Traveler, The Other Boys of Summer, Broken Chain, How the Genetti Brothers Invented Hollywood, My Capone Summer, Escape from Freedom and Maggie Rocks.

Accelerate Entertainment request the top 3 winners
Bettina Viviano of Accelerate Entertainment has requested to read the top 3 winners.

51 Minds request 2 scripts
Lawrence Mott of 51 Minds has requested to read Road Test and Zero Hundred.

Updated: 01/09/2018
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