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Scriptapalooza Announces Semifinalists

Scriptapalooza has announced the 106 semifinalists for the 2018 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition. All 106 semifinalists will be promoted for an entire year.

1000 Beautiful Watts by Angela & Darren Croucher
A Doggone Christmas by Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Accused by Kirk McCarthy
AntiVirus 2.0 by Paul Burrell
Ballbreaker by Conrad Rothbaum
Bernie and Ray by Callum Parkes
Billboard Heist by Sheshena Pledger
Brainville by Mark Wasserman
Brechin Cross by Ryan M. Andrews
Broken Sinclair by Beth Ashby
Buried Alive by Patricia Cori
Car Guy Comedy the Ballad of Chelsey Pearl by Sean Edward
Dancing with the Devil by Lyndon McGill
Dark Wave by Tom Petch
Dead Cargo & Family by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Denouement by Nelson Downend
Do It For Nana by Tamara Svirskis
Dukkha by Rachana Suri
Emancipating Maryland by Bridget McMahon
Everlasting Life by Syd Blue
Fender Bender by Sara O’Reilly & Jeremy Foley
Final Romance for Margaret Fuller by Mark Wildermann
Foreclosed by Alexandra Swenson
Frozen Beans and Apron Strings by Angie D. Allison
Girl On A Swing by Shanna L. Reed
Good Rockin’ Golf by Royston Deitch
Green v. City of New Orleans by Daniel Parino
Harmless by Charulata Sinha
Head to Head by Camilla Bender
Her Wishes by Kimberly Murray
Human, all too Human by Matthew Harris
Impossible by Jaclyn Natoli
In The Footprints of Giants by Daniel Bridges
Indian Country by Troy Kelly
Just Like You by Brian Spellman
Kameleon by Miles Joyner
Kibou by Cassie Hayasaka & Keith Hayasaka
Kill Me, Before I Wake by Reid Taylor
Lara’s Legacy by Horace Wilson
Long Shot by Stephen Wiesmore and Tamar Halpern
Love and Insurrection by Ernestina Juarez
Man of Blood by Damian Scott
Man on the Mountain by Nathan Ellis
Marty Zipco’s Ballroom by Scott Jacobs
Milk and Gall by Mathilde Dratwa
Misfortune Cookies by Don Stroud
Miss Bird and Mountain Jim by Victress Hitchcock
Missing You by Ned White
Moonflower by Beth Curry
Negative Space by Amelia Mathews & Adam Bradley
No Volvere by Nelda Turcios
On Writing: Murphy’s Law by Sean Patrick O’Brien
Once Upon a Queendom by Joey Day Hargrove
Outside of Deary by John Palmer
Penthouse B by Casey Schroen
Perfectus by Pia Chaudhuri
Pink Slips by Brad Hennig
Plain Boy, Undercover Girl by Audrey Pfister
Planning the Wedding by Harry Jones
Playhouse by Amy Tasillo
Playing Dirty by Richard Blaney & Gregory Small
Pot Committed by Jordan Sandfer
Realeyes by Andrew C. Elling
Reflektor by John Foley
Rendezvous by Jason Ardolino
Reset, Limited by Sam Bozzo
Responder by Steve Jacques
Roger by Brendan Cleaves & Stuart Foreman
Serpentine by David Tittone & David Torre
Silence in the Canyon by Julie Kellman Reading
Silent Hero by Bradley Stryker
Something Old Something New by Christina Babinsack
Splashdown by Don Stroud
Standby by Brooke Solich
Sticking Point by B.G. Firmani & Damian Van Denburgh
Stray Cat Jazz by Jake Macpherson
Stroke by Harry Maxon
Summoned by Matthew Breault
The All American Girls by Timothy Hastings
The Border Agent by John Madill
The Disease by Khalil Sullins
The Enchanted Bookshop by Todd Wallinger
The Fight After by Gunnar E. Garrett Jr.
The Fishermen’s Line by Michael Duterte
The Half Of It by George Caine
The Hardest Hit by Sam Juergens
The Hidden by Angelina Carkic
The Hiding Place by Stephen Andrew Martin
The Independent by Paul Weber & Asher Weber
The Killer John Bidwell by Travis Lemke
The Life of Life by Gregory Houghton
The Mona Lisa Project by Joel Stunkard & Andrew Uscher
The Shadowboxer by Anthony Stitt
The Shudra by Jeff D. Opdyke
Trending by Michael Eskenazi
UFO Phil by Eric Huffman
Ultimate Control by Gary Stephen DeMoss
Undercard by Dylan Kilgour
Unmaking Love by Evan Laughlin
Welcome to the Movie World by Bryan Bordon
Well-Behaved Women by Kevin Dulaney
Where the Wind Blows by Anthony Randall
Wild Grove by Shannon Sleeth
You Are Not My Trigger by Paul Ashton
You’ve Come A Long Way by Steve Tornello
Young Godfather, Johnny Buono by Nick Marciano

Updated: 08/05/2018
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