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Filmmatic Names Screenplay Award Winners and Finalists

Greg Mania has been named the overall winner of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards for his script Mania, an edgy and brazen TV Comedy Pilot. Category winners and finalists have also been announced:

Stuck - Corey Surge
Thug - Anthony Assad
The Siberian Trap - Jeffrey Howe
Utopia - Dimi Nakov
The Honor Killing - Guy Quigley (CATEGORY WINNER)
The Hitler Paradox - James Hughes
Broccoli - Tiger Ji
Generation Killer - John Bias
Blue Bunny - Maya Ricol
A War on Terror - Peter Haig

The Open Hill - Ricky Tyree
Don - Alberto Battistutti
Legacy - Jodi Levitan
Perry - RJ Watson
The Lipstick Posse - Kelly Jean Karam
Willowport - Jess Ansik (CATEGORY WINNER)
Sex, Life, Love... in a small corner - John T. Frederick
The Accidental Angel - Oren Weitz
An Unbalanced Line - Kristy Leigh Lussier
Escape the Night - Paul Schwartz

Throwing Hammers - Michael Graf (CATEGORY WINNER)
Forever and Never - Dante Orange
NickerBacher - Terry John Barto
Iron Lung - Kevin Kraft
Best Enemies - Brittany Ashley
Campus 911: Serving Since Yesterday - Richard Geiwitz
The Book Writer - Kris Bauske
MegaBall$ - Marc Baron
Maximum Protection - Joseph Nybyk
Have You No Decency? - Ryan Prinz

The Crimson Legacy - Adam Lapallo
Blood Knots - Greg Malkoff
Haunted - Andrew Kosarko
Momma Bird - Bradley Stryker (CATEGORY WINNER)
A Long Shadow at Noon - Ash J. Louis
The Color of Evil - Connie Wilson
Mother Mayhem - Brain W. Smith
Killbook - Pearse Lehane
The Cultists - John Renney
Violate - Judah Ray

The Mushroom King - Steve Trebilcock (CATEGORY WINNER)
Armor - Michael Daluz
Chronicles of Valor - Robert B.E. Atkinson
Today the Tiger Smiled - Randy Cruts
The Cut - Christopher Kerr
Godless Skies - Joshua David Harris
Serpentine - David Tittone
The Last Game - Phil Kaufman
Smokescreen - Robert Cole
Outcast - Elie Choufany

Airborne: The Trials of Nine - Richard Clarke
Forget-Me-Nots - John Drummer
Girl Out of Time - Jay Falconer (CATEGORY WINNER)
White Crow - David Barbeschi
Escape to Hollow Earth - Colin K. Stewart
The Venus Syndrome - Lynn Vincentnathan
Artificial - Jonathan Dillon
Dream Negative - Scott Henderson
Quantum Driver - Rebeca Melara
Amaris - Ian White

Hick - Marianna Moneymaker
White Wolf, Black Wolf - Florence Nahon
Little Warrior of Manzanar - Zachary Clark
The Coal Miner’s War - Randall Reese
Dark Angel - Ty Claude
A Fire in the Mind - Ken White
Anne Bonny - Perils of the Pirate Queen - John Bain
Jane, The Legend of Mountain Charley - Mark Mc Quown
When I Was a Child - Terry Needham (CATEGORY WINNER)
Aktion T-4 - John Martins III

The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show - Prema Rose
The Door - Robert Cox
Dragon’s Mist - Randy Cruts (CATEGORY WINNER)
Primos - Scott A. Lopez
Nora, Netball, and Ninjas - Paul Mahoney
South of Main Street - Robert Gately
Time Police: The Curious Case of the Devil Dogs - Scott Simpson
The Money Tree - Shiva Ramanathan
Mysti - Jennifer Phillips
The Flower and the Weed - Joel Doty

Marked - Leah Pollack
Blossom Thru The Bricks - Davin intsiful
Cogged - Hunter Davis
Adrift - Michael Snow
Toska - Joseph Kisch
Sepulchre - Mathew McClaughlin
Annabelle Moore - Damion Le Troy Smith
The Blood Trade - Frederico Gianotti (CATEGORY WINNER)
The Resurrectionists - Travis Opgenorth
The Conversion Con - Andrea Lawson

King of the Burbs - Joshua Fagan
Pagetravelers - Kes Speelman
2 Broke Girls and the Ransomware - Roger Edwards
Candyland.com - Joan Barrett
Buy It For Me - Sarah Johnson
Characters - Chris Harris
All My Friends Are Gay - Raul Martin Romero
The Reboots - Andrea Lawson
Hell, Inc. - Joshua Pokey
Mania - Greg Mania (OVERALL WINNER)

Updated: 09/07/2018
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