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Short Scripts Names Semifinalists

Shore Scripts has announced the semifinalists in their Feature, TV Pilot and Short Categories. Winners will be announced November 10th.

FEATURES (45 Semi-Finalists)
Amanda Keener, Magic Research Society
Amy Cornforth, Neptune's Stone
Ashley James Louis, A Long Shadow at Noon
Ben Browne, Credence Falls
Brian Kazmarck, Diary of a Dead Man
Bruce Branit, Loop Thief
CHARLOTTE Cameron, Kill or Cure
Craig Rickard, DRY
Dave Thomas, Nell Thomas, Prophesy
David Lyon, The Game of Time
David Snee, Remember the Fire
Douglas Spaltro, STILL, MAX
Ed Wiles, The Tower
Finley Mulligan, Electronic Sounds from a Still Heart
Gary Makin, Facsimile
Gemma Addy, Small Town
Graham Leverton, Land of Blood
Grace Cleere, Lost Giant
Guy Polin, Hotel Flughafen
Iannis Aliferis, Mary and Dionysus
James Stewart, Foxed
Jason Harang, Sorry for Dying
Jason McBeth, TORCH
John Dummer, Forget-Me-Nots
John Fairhurst, Spark
Jordan Prosser, Hungry Man
Julian Chomet, FRED PERRY
Karen Farmer, Betrand The Terrible
KEVIN Dembinsky, Nudie Mag
Krystyna Łoboda, Schicchi
Lisanne Sartor, Six Letter Word
Matt Hubsher, Signal
Matt Wedge, The Killing Moon
Megan Williams, Joe Newkirk, Two Hours From
Nicole Jones, Shrimp
Paul Mahoney, Nora, Netball, and Ninjas
Pete Simmons-Hayes, Internet Friends
Philip Buckley, The Things He Sees
Russell DeGrazier, "MAD Boy, I'll Blow Your Mind, Be Mine"
Stacy Hullah, The Remnants of Lucy Jordan
Stephanie Ginger, Valentine
Tim Brothers, Six Seconds
Timothy Burnham, Christol Ware, The Diary of Roman Thurgood
Tricia Cerrone, The Skeleton Watch
Zac Kish, Fuck You, John

TV PILOT (41 Semi-Finalists) (both 1hr & 1/2 hr)
Alex Williams, Playing the Palace
Allison Osborne, Family Secrets 'Pilot'
Amanda Keener, Madam Caraveil's Caravan of Curiosities
Amanda Prentiss, Lyre
Ben DeLoose, Matthew Chilelli, Leviathan
Bob Bowse, Inside
Christopher Brandt, Blue Highway
Craig Page, parts
Douglas Spaltro, WASHED
Dustin Drye, Elements
Fearghas Cleary, The Circuit
Gregory Pohl, Pharm Animals
james berg, The Great Gay Hope
Jay Cundiff, Kyle Jorgensen, Elvis Bites Man
Jeff Bower, FIX
Kelsey Pfeifer, Nothing They Can Take
Kristie Grover, Third Party
Lena Pousette, Deon van Rooyen, WILD C.A.T.
Lisanne Sartor, Tested
Lukas Hassel, Galápagos
Margaret Kaminski, Wizard Fest: Pilot
Matt McManus, Anno Domini
Matt Thomas, Carpetbaggers
Michael G. Mack, ABSALOM
Michele Yeo, Kimberley Gonsalves, C U Next Tuesday
monique reymond, There's No Place Like OM
Nabil Chowdhary, The Replacement
Natalie Howell, Ink Stains
Neal Wiser, QUANTUM EFFECTS – Pilot: My First Time
Reeve Segal, Kaela Crawford, How Grace Got to Run the World
Robert Dillon, The Sistahood
Sam Martin, Commercial Space
Steve Blame, Fits the Crime
Suzanne Slack-Smith, Red Flag
Thomas Gough, The Emerald Triangle
Vincent Stoia, I am not a Cereal Killer

SHORTS (31 Semi-Finalists)
Alyssa Lerner, Bubble
Andy Erikson, One More Day Inc.
Christina Kinsella, Static
Eduardo Garabal, Less The Divine Mary
Eric Hajjar, Mainline
Garrett Kruithof, Sweetie Pie
Glyn Carter, Sossity
J. R. Dawson, Aira
Jamie Benyon, CRUISIN'
Jason Petrovitch, White-Collar Crime for Kids
Jen Gutierrez, Louisiana Rain
John Kontoyannis, SAIRA
John Le Brocq, Jeremiah 8.8
Josh Smooha, Dr. Hash
Joshua Michael Payne, Doesn't Fall Far
Kelly Holmes, The Prescription
Kristen Alario, Holes of Glory
Kylie Rolincik, Mother Mary
Matthew Hopper, Steve Kenny, No Ordinary Stranger
Matthew Muchka, Do Unto Others
Montgomery Haines, Vacation From Yourself
Natasha Mynhier, In a Beat
P.J. Palmer, North Star
Patrick Nash, The Storyteller
Rob Rex, The Klawg
sarah polhaus, Ruby Throat
sarah polhaus, The boy's gone
Shai Taylor, Cracked Red Clay
Steven McMillan, Skin Clean
Stuart Creque, WET ROT

Updated: 11/06/2018
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