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StoryPros Names International Screenplay Contest Semifinalists

Semifinalists have been announced for the 12th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest:

A Killer Of Men, by Gregg Meller
A Little Sedated, by Joseph P. Sanders
Akatewa, by Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat, Edith Woi
Aktion T-4, by John Martins III
Argument For The Existence Of The Island Saudadia, by Constantin Maier
Autumn Soul, by Ben Fordham
Beyond Logic, by Bridget Bell McMahon
Black Bourbon, by Travis Cox
Charmer, by David Kurtz
Chasing Skirt, by Roy Coombs
Chasing The Devil, by James Pickering
Cloudland, by Alex Bram, Martin Aguilera, Jeffrey Reddick
Comic Book Kings, by Amanda Keener
Container, by Mike W. Rogers
Cunedda's Land, by Ian Craine
DaVille, by J. Cortinovis
Dead Howling, by James Pickering
Dead On The Inside, by Selene Raffel
Dee G., by Justin Best
Dio, by Elizabeth Brooks
Don't You Know Who I Am?, by Izzy Mariano
Drag, by Eamonn Larsen
Dumbest Generation, by Leslie Lyshkov
Echidna, by Kelly Anelons
Farewell Barley June, by Jeff Eagle
Fifteen Seconds, by William White
Fight On, by Evette Betancourt
Fireflies, by Amanda Keener
Flat-Rate Frank, by Jeffrey Howe
Flying Bird's Diary, by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Goodbye, My Brother, by Jason Grote
Havenwood, by Jai Brandon
Hole In The Sky, by John Cooney
In Action, by Dan Roberts
Interwoven, by Cari Daly
Irresistible, by Daniel Findlay
Junk, by Doug Mallette
Killer Whales, by Alan Lambert
Kobos, by Adam Hersh
Lady Marian, by Wilhelm Martinez
Lean, by Tal Rayman
Losing Faith on Route 215, by Melinda Hicks
Lost Memories, by Bernhard Riedhammer
Love You 'Till The End, by Rico Lara-Marin
Macau Omen, by Tony Shyu
Man Running Blind, by John T. Frederick
Mandibles, by Rudy Gray
Marco Polo, by Jeff Heckler
Maria Isabella Silvalessa, by Hunter Ridgway
Marty Zipco's Ballroom, by Scott Jacobs
Marzipan, by Clare Hawthorne
Need A Little Christmas, by Joe Doran
Number One Rule!, by John Alarid
Our Analyst, by Christopher Heffelfinger
Patchwork, by Amanda Keener
Person Number One, by Philip C. Sedgwick
Pete The Assassin, by Justin Best, Christopher Cendana
Pieces Of The Heart, by Joseph Harrison, Barry Kohl
Porter, by Amy Chacon
Prisoners in Pain Sight, by Kenya Branch
Pulpo Paul, by Rebeca Melara
Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi, by Byron Anderson
Red Light, by Dempsey Tillman
Runaway Cruise, by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Scylla, by David Piechowski
Secrets of the Universe, by Mike Oppenheim
Shifting, by Jon Ridge
Silence, by John Edward Flynt
Son Of Star, by Ronen Tregerman
Soul to Squeeze, by Alex Arabian
Southern Blood, by Lonas Taylor
Staring Into Infinity, by Nicholas Carleton
Step-MILF, by Hamilton Mitchell
Stone, by Tom Foran
The Anklebiter, by Andy Jones
The Art Of The Con, by Thomas Day
The Call Center, by Eamonn Larsen, Robert Austin
The Chapel, by Gustavo Lima
The Courageous Life of Jeremy Braxton, by Emily Maroutian
The Dark Watch, by Jim Lawrence
The Desolation of Stoneheir, Alaska, by Sean Buckley
The Hammer, by Jason Hunter
The Land of Oz-Zoo, by William Sikorski Jr., William Sikorski III
The Locust, by Michael E. Bierman
The Mostly True Legend Of Fire Rock, by Hal Harris
The Name's Raynelle Goodpaster, by Bob Canning
The Plutonauts, by Philip Sedgwick
The Priest, by Noelle Nelson
The Quantum Key, by Gretchen Klein
The Road to You, by AmyKelli Cloudwalker
The Royal Nonesuch, by John Gross
The Scars That Bind, by John Crawford
The Simulacrum of Napoleon, by Jesse Ochoa
The Strange Lives of Alice, by Regiane Margonar Reis
The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures, by Wendy Young
The Sweet Science, by Alec McKay
Those We Leave Behind, by Amanda Keener
Thus Passes The Glory Of The World, by Robert Bowman
TopKnotch, by CJ Thomas
Translucid, by Thayenne Behr
Turnabout, by Bill Hanan
Two Blocks From Popular, by Hal Harris
Unseen, by Atul Sharma
Unwelcome, by Federico Casal
Virginia Rose and the Lost City of Gold, by Bryan Kelsey
Western Dragons, by John T. Frederick
What Happens Next, by Steamy Raimon
What If You Knew?, by Rolf Pfannerer
Who Is Killing All The Paparazzi?, by John Robert Lafleur
Whose Sky is No Less Grand, by Amanda Norman
Wildwood, by Jake VanEvery
Windspirit, by Paul Penley
Wolves Don't Cry, by Scott Fleishman

Updated: 12/02/2018
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