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Table Read My Screenplay Names Grand Prize Winners

Cannabiz by Shane Elizabeth Roche has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the Table Read My Screenplay (Park City) Screenwriting Competition in the Feature/TV Pilot Category. Anaesthesia by John Harden was named the Grand Prize Winner in the Short/Web Series Pilot Category.

Cannabiz by Shane Elizabeth Roche

Anaesthesia by John Harden

(Asterisks show shorts or web series pilots.)

Libertine by Michael Mizrahi and Zoe Warncke

The Understudy by Jenna St. John

Miles Apart by Adrienne Argenbright

Totally Sick by Adam Nadler

Better Than This by Jamie Hoang

An Abbreviated Life by Alison Lani

*Lunch Lady by Colleen Doherty

Ruination by Ian Reichbach

Shunned by Kevin Bachar

Feature/Pilot Semi-Finalists
(Listed in alpha order by first name.)

Paradise Found by Adam Hersh
Design by Adam King
Totally Sick by Adam Nadler
Bi-Coastal (Or, Three Husbands & a Wife) by Adelita E. Lopez
The Work by Adelita E. Lopez and Amanda Lopez
Miles Apart by Adrienne Argenbright
The Good Star by Alicia Thorgrimsson
An Abbreviated Life by Alison Lani
Fireflies by Amanda Keener
Patchwork by Amanda Keener
Soaring by Amy Danford-Klein
NPCs by Andrew Golder
The Anklebiter by Andrew Jones
Frank by Angela Page
The Last Guard by Anthony Ford
Girl Sailor by Anthony Giambusso
Richard No Dick by Anthony Giambusso
Broken Clocks: Blossoms of Ash by Anthony Moore
Golem by Austin Kase
Missing Clayton by Bev Irwin
Ride by Chelsey Dubiel and Chesley Chen
The Players by Chris Connolly
Strange Brew by Conor Simpson and Freeland Shreve
Stonelands by Craig Houchin
Rube by Dan O’Brien
Columbia Rising by David Dalessandro
#Likes4Lucas by Dylan Dempsey
The Last Book of John by Elizabeth Hansen
Any Day Now by Emmy Cetta
G.R.I.D. by Erik Miguel Gervais and Winnie Khaw
Orville and Mae by Gary Awad
Prey by Gilli Messer
Monogamess by Gilli Messer
(Dis)Honorable by Gino DeMarco
Ruination by Ian Reichbach
Soleil by Ian Dunlop
O2 by Ivan Pavlovic
Free From Passion by J.T. Quinn and Yvette Sams
Sins of the Heart by James Stevens
Catherine’s Choice by James Speck
Better Than This by Jamie Hoang
The Monarch Project by Jeff Warrick
The Coldest Horizon by Jeffrey Howe
Pop Hit by Jeffrey Field
The Understudy by Jenna St. John
Familia by Jesse Esparza
Faith on the Rocks by Jessica Mastronardi
Cots by John Purvis
Magic Bus by Jon Stahl
Taxman by Jonathon Cooper
Harry’s File by Jude Gerard Prest
Odd Man Out by Jymmi Willoughby
Starter Home by Kathleen McMaster
Buck City Confidential by Ken Henderson
Shunned by Kevin Bachar
Lost Children by Kristoffer Tabori
The Armchair Travelers by Libby Leonard
One of Us by Marcus Nash
Shrinkwrapped by Maren Leggett
Loving the Law by Mark Wooster
The Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese
Blood + Dirt by Megan Metzger
Uncaged by Melissa Birks
Subliminal Damage by Michael Griffith
Libertine by Michael Mizrahi and Zoe Warncke
Finding The Dark by Mychal Sargent
Harlan’s Quest Pilot: If They Only Knew by Nancy Meyer
Goat Island by Nathan Cabaniss
Greenwood by Nathan Patton
Apocalypse by Nathaniel Mason
Patient Zero by Paul Rose Jr
Please Let Everything Be All Right by Paul Chang
Codswallop by Paul Larsen
Blackballed – Pilot by Phillip Hollins
Do. Not. Resuscitate. by Richard Long
Rational Panic by Robert Rhyne
Rat City by Robert Herold
The Eidola Project by Robert Herold
Filthy Stinkin’ Rich by Robert McAndrew
The Door by Sarah Weiford
Blood Remnant by Sarah Weiford and Rachel Weiford
Earth-Like by Sarah K. Moss
Cannabiz by Shane Elizabeth Roche
Fioritura di Violetta (Violet’s Bloom) by Stacie Isabella Turk and Dana Brown
Now What? by Steve Feld
Stumptown by T Gordon Stanley
FEDERALE! by T.J. Morehouse and James Murray
Runaway Cruise by Theodore Carl Soderberg
The Moor by Thomas Thonson
Big American Smile by Thomas Thonson
Twelve by Tim Tyler
Stone by Tom Foran
Outsourced by Tony Ferrendelli
Taste Buds by Tony Gapastione and Jeremy Ray Valdez
Blood Rival by Trevor Markwart
Untitled Nic Cage Action/Comedy by Trevor Munson and Joe Boothe
A Short Burst of Infatuation by Wendy Wilkins
The Three Lives of Angel Fleming by William LiPera
Desert 10 by Zachary Tomlinson
The Maccabees by Zev Ledman

Short/Web Series Semi-Finalists
(Listed in alpha order by first name.)

Goodbye, Dear Zoey by Bob Canning
Babe in Arms by Bob Canning
Conversation On A Couch by Brian Cohen
Fishing Lesson by Carlito Gilchrist
Lunch Lady by Colleen Doherty
Ya-Ya by Emmy Cetta
Maeve in the Mountains by Emmy Cetta
Repossessed by George Bigelow
Swimming with Snarks by Greg Sandquist
Sounds the Dog Made by Jeffrey Golden and Eric Leja
Cut by Jeffrey Golden and Lorraine Portman
Milk Money by Jimmy Nguyen
Anesthesia by John Harden
Roommates by Judi Blaze
Wayward Falls by Keri Lee
Claw Boy by Mary Albanese
The Amnesiaist by Matt Batten
Going Down by Max Rissman
Happy Anniversary by Michael Ferrari
Dougie Dog by Montgomery Burt
The Handy Man by Nicholas Clifford
Fear Factory by Sarah Polhaus
Crushing by Simbi Kali
The Last Request by Stephen Olson
June in California by T.J. Morehouse and James Murray

Updated: 01/04/2019
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