Emerging Screenwriters Names Genre Screenplay Contest Winners

Strays by Robert Wooldridge has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2021 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition from among more than 4500 submissions.

Grand Prize Winner
Strays by Robert Wooldridge

Genre Winners:

Minotaur by Tim Auld

Cooze by Wendy Jean Wilkins

Strays by Robert Wooldridge

The Ice Man by Jared Iversen

Coyote by Fredrick Leach

Facing Evil by Carmen Radtke

Ginger Kearns

Top 10 Finalists per genre:

Blood and Dreams by Suzanne Griffin
Bullets are Blind by Guy Prevost
El Soldado de Marbach by Arturo Mireles
Minotaur by Tim Auld
Nominuum by Diego Kontarovsky
Paladin by Bridget Bell McMahon
Pulse by Pascal Mercay
The Euripides Engine by Peter Andrews
The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele by Paul E. Zeidman
Zoe and the Zebra by Vicki Peterson

#LIKEME by Selina Ringel
Baby Queen by Max Rasmussen
Bad Romance by Chad Wellinger
Breast in Show by Andrea Berting
Cooze by Wendy Jean Wilkins
F-YOU! I’m a Teacher by Michael Lipoma
Gifted by Jonny King
Noir Town by Catherine Wignall
Superfreak by Sierra Hall
Vanguard by Brian Farrey-Latz

American Sons by Roger Stigliano
Bleed Just Like Us by Ezekiel J. Walker
Blue Earth by Isaiah Poirier
Credible Witness by Anne Sagel
Gross Profit by Thomas Yungerberg
How to Be by Desa Larkin-Boutté
Major Hacker’s War by Steve Blame
She’s Your Super by Tristan J. Shuler
Strays by Robert Wooldridge
The Rule of Thirds by Andrea George Turner

Boston Brown by Adam Pachter
Idol by Tricia Lee
Magi by Richard Giarraffa
Pretty Girls Aren’t Funny by Tony Jerris
Revolution by Gayle Jackson
Riding with Charlie by Shintaro Ogai
The Girl with the Red Hair by Caitlin Gallo and Brittany Harris
The Haight by Kimba Henderson
The Ice Man by Jared Iversen
The President’s Daredevils by Tim Fitzharris

Coyote by Fredrick Leach
Dead Waters by Chris Hocking
Evacuation by Aubrey Reynolds
Fade Out by Marty Howe
Hair of the Dog Diner by Ruthie Hanson
Me and The Devil Blues by Jamal Emerson Murad
Mind Game by Martin McSweeney
Northward Damned by Bryce Vails
Starlight Hacienda or The Secret to Eternal Life in The Desert by Kyle Little
Strangers in the Night by Randy Vampotic

Facing Evil by Carmen Radtke
Fire Load by L.M. Kemp
GhostMaster by Elizabeth Delaney
Green Lake by Jan Libby
Life Plus Ten by Isaiah Poirier
Money Shot (Snake Eyes) by Brian Trim
NTSB by Phil Mars
Somniphobia by Michael Brody
The Loner by B. E. Marvis
We Can’t Sleep by Chris Phillips

American Dreams by Corey Brown & Tricia Lee
Cielo by Edith D. Rodriguez
Ghouly Tales by Christopher Higginson
Immortal by Natalie Metzger and Robert Allaire
Minor by Mexi Gremillion
Robot’s Best Friend by Joel Buxton & Jeff Sager
Starseeds by Ginger Kearns
Strings by Annamarie Davidson
The Creatures of Camp Fremorf by Alex Klein
Trapped in Plain Sight (AKA The Puzzle) by Tammy Klembith & George Klembith

Updated: 08/31/2021

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