Write LA Names Contest Semifinalists

Write LA has announced their top 15 semifinalists and honorable mentions:

Michi Broman – Recovering - TV Pilot
Sarah Casey – Buoy - TV Pilot
Gabriel Cruz – The White Lobster - Feature
Joel Dahl – Confluence - TV Pilot
Ari Frenkel – Wally's Last Day - Feature
Mads Gauger – That Woman - TV Pilot
Avery Girion – Damsel - TV Pilot
Erin Leafe – Scoundrel - TV Pilot
Alex May – Private Di - TV Pilot
Brandon Morganstein – Crutch - TV Pilot
Adam Pasen – Musket and the Rat - Feature
Joel David Santner – The Coffin Club - Feature
Joel David Santner – Tunnel Rat - Feature
Steve Trebilcock – The Mirage of Normal - Feature
Alex Williams – Starring Kip Donovan - Feature

LA Honorable Mentions
Josh Auter – S.H.A.R.P - Feature
Aaron Michael Bailey – The Heroine of Wrangel Island - Feature
Chris Desmond - Freefall - Feature
Matt Fitzsimons – Hello Gorgeous - TV Pilot
Adam Kaiser – I'm a Prisoner in an Alien Zoo - TV Pilot
Guillermo Lozano Martinze – The Road to Bernal - Feature
Tom O'Brien – Breakaway - TV Pilot
Steve Prowse – Night Witches - Feature
Sean Reidy – Billie and Mark Almost Get Killed - TV Pilot

The semifinalists each receive a range of prizes – including a screenwriting book courtesy of Michael Wiese Publishing, an eco-friendly notebook from Decomposition Books, and an online webinar from Script and The Writer's Store.

"This year was tough", says Co-Founder and Head Judge Tim Schildberger. "We had a lot of really solid scripts from more than 30 states, and over a dozen countries. We focused on looking for original ideas, unique voices, and solid command of the screenwriting craft."

The competition also announced a short list of "honorable mention" scripts which were close to making the top 15.

"Being creative during a pandemic is hard. We have so much admiration and respect for everyone who entered. A big thanks to all", say Tim.

The top 5 finalists – who will have their scripts read by five Literary Management Companies – will be announced October 1.

Updated: 09/15/2021

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