Shores Scripts Announces Finalists

Shore Scripts has announced their feature screenplay and 1-hour and 1/2-hour TV pilots finalists. Finalists will be announced November 25th. Winners will be announced on December 10th.


(35 screenplays have progressed)

Aaron Michael Bailey, The Heroine Of Wrangel Island
Andy Jones, The Anklebiter
Becky Fink, Stuck On Christmas
Brendan Beachman & Justin Boyes, The Lookout
Carolyn Kras, Cutthroat
Catherine Bonny, Marked
Celeste Chaney, Cradle Song
Charlotte Cameron, Disabused
Dominic Leyton, Wild Wind
Dru Johnston, The Garbageman
Eris Qian, Pulling Seedlings
Gary Blackwood, The Department Of Easy Virtue
Gisella Faggi, Artemisia, An Allegory Of Painting
Hamish Sturgeon, The Night Anonymous
James Mulcahy, Brain Storm
Jason Jenkins, Facade
Kate Hackett, Purify My Heart
Keith Domingue, Blood To Bone
Laurie Whitaker, The Wind Chimes An American Musical
Lee Kehoe, Heartless
Lisa Lueddecke, Ephemeral
Luca Violante, Ties That Bind
Nicole Ballivian, Sleeping On Stones
R.H. Norman & Micheline Pitt, Grummy
Rebecca Gant, The Big O
Richard Adrian, Murderhorn
Sam Wright, Have You Heard About Harvey?
Sean Slater, Long Live John Africa!
Shannon Sipher, Trip
Sidney Kreitzer, Lenny Rising
Steve Blame, Major Hacker’s War
Suhashini Krishnan, Generationals
Sylvia-Anne Parker, 600 Steps
Taylor Hopkins, Scam
Tony Prescott, Little Maude


(10 screenplays have progressed)

Andrea Lawson, The Repatriots
Andy Lyberopoulos, Harley
Daniel Grove, Transhuman
Dave Paterson, Fearing Delilah
Frances Flannery, Awake
Jeff Osborne, The Isthmus
Jonhenri Alston, Ferguson
Lauren Smith, Sugar’s Paradise
Sarah Grodsky, The Blessed
Tyler Ellzey, Forward Family


(10 screenplays have progressed)

Annie Mackinnon, Young Grandma
Ben Berkman, Deliverance 2
Claudia Paterson, Calm, Ordinary
Keniesha Nesbitt, Dying My Hair Red
Laurie Magers, Youth Ministry
Melanie Zoey Weinstein, Fake Rabbi
Nick Madson, Down & Out
Nick Williams & Marty Abbe-Schneider, Paul Rudd’s In Trouble
Rishan Dhamija & Edwin Joseph, Alien Of Extraordinary Ability
Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns, New Chapter

Updated: 11/25/2021

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