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Wiki Screenplay Names August, 2023 Contest Winners

Louis Lehrman's Under the Influence has been named the Wiki Screenplay Contest "Best Screenplay" winner for August, 2023. The Best TV Script and Best Short Script winners have also been announced.

Best Screenplay
Louis Lehrman
"Under the Influence"
A U.S. Congressman is found dead at an exclusive ski resort, and a troubled father in recovery must save his son from the killer and exact revenge on the man who unjustly sent him to prison many years before.

Best TV Script
Suzanne Birrell
"Don't Tell"
A spoiled rich brat who believed he would inherit all discovers he is not the only child and sole heir of his mother's wealth but in fact, has to fulfill expectations or loses all

Best Short Script
Deanne Gittens
"Dangling Carat"
A woman in her 20s tries to navigate life and love, and avoid being sucked back into a toxic relationship, but there are certain temptations she finds she just cannot resist.

Updated: 09/15/2023

Additional Contest Info: Wiki: The World's FASTEST Screenplay Contest

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