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Wiki Screenplay Names October Contest Winners

Jordan Ancel's The Mob Kid has been named the winner of the October, 2023 Wiki Screenplay Competition. The Best TV and Best Short Script winners have also been announced.

Best Screenplay
Jordan Ancel
"The Mob Kid"
An entertaining feel-good story about a mobster and his son...who switch bodies and learn the value of acceptance.

Best TV Script
Bill Albert
"In the Shadows of November"
On November 9th, 25 nuclear bombs went off across the U.S. There were supposed to be 26, but one person hid the last one. She just can't remember where.

Best Short Script
Ozzie Logozzo
A woman's aspirations are thwarted by circumstances of great joy and unfathomable sorrow. Her hardships pose formidable threats to her faith, resiliency, and self-control.

Updated: 11/15/2023

Additional Contest Info: Wiki: The World's FASTEST Screenplay Contest

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