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Ultraviolet Child

His name is ‘Harmless’, a kind, innocent, accident prone high school art student who sculpts with tornadoes. Beautiful, wonderful, creative art work but Harmless accidentally blows away his own high school -- um -- twice.

Written by: James Ossi    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Big
Starring Roles For: 17ish, 18ish male
17ish, 18ish, female
In the Vein Of: Big Fish
After Hours
Back To The Future
Posted: 02/03/2005
Updated: 11/12/2018
Author Bio: I'm a kinetic artist. MoMA Smithsonian Museums worldwide.

Contest Results:
WSC Feature (First Place)
Action On Film (First Place)
WriteMovies Monthly (WMCm) (First Place)
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